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  1. I would love a green-black album!! And when I first saw your theory I hoped it would be true and we are getting something!!!

  2. I am not a fan of raisins whatsoever. But soaked overnight in rum, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg, they are actually great tasting!! Otherwise, they are chewy morsels of shit

  3. My friends always sends me new music to listen to. I reply back with “Is that Twenty One Pilots?”

  4. Ok, ignore all of the negativity. Yes, aluminum can rickets work great. The first thing you will need is a sturdy but lightweight enough tube to go thru the inside of the cans. I used 5 32 oz beer cans. Using my sanding table, a carefully sanded off the bottom of the cans and then pulled the tab off the top and using the sanding table, lightly sanded until I removed the top. This left just enough of the aluminum ring to keep the top sturdy. Ok, place one can at the bottom of the inner cardboard tube. Then, using spacers such as three or four pencils at the top to keep the van centered on the inner tube, lightly fill the can one third of the way up with expanding foam. Allow expanding foam to expand and harden. Now add your second can. Repeat with the expanding foam until you get to the top. The top can is going to be tricky because you are going to need a thin tube that fits a nosecone and also slips snug down into the top can. If you can find a tube large enough to just barely fit inside of this top can, you will have to carefully add just a small but decent amount of expanding foam and then immediately putting your late tube into the can. The smaller tube from the lower rockets will be sticking up about an inch into the top can. As far as installing fins, your lowest can full of hardened expanded foam is now east to cut slots out to insert and glue your fins into place.

  5. Uh, sorry to burst your bubble but March is the third month of the year.

  6. There will be an Airdrop from a token called Coreum. Coreum is currently on a testnet, but is about to launch its mainnet.

  7. I have both XRP and SOLO. just curious about what this means. Tokens? What can I do with them?

  8. Having that as a possible explanation may help alleviate the wife's fears as well. I've had that happen, as well as a ghost saying their last name in my ear and another time saying "hello," while totally awake (long story short, it was paranormal & I wasn't the only one that heard it.) I've also had straight up auditory hallucinations in recent years due to extreme anxiety. At least in my experience, there is a distinct difference between hallucinations and the real deal, but that's not always the case for everyone. OP, would be cool if you could set up a recorder next to the bed while you sleep & see if you can pick up the sound when it happens.

  9. Years ago, I was living with a friend. I was on the first floor in my room, waiting for my girlfriend to get there. My friend was upstairs in his room. So I’m just playing on my tablet when I hear the most lighthearted laughter of a female. Made me mad because my friend was a cheater and he had a really nice girlfriend who was at work at the time. Well, maybe ten minutes went by after the laughter when my friend upstairs yells for me to come up for a minute. First, I do not care to see who he is cheating on his girlfriend with but I go up anyway. Where he is alone in his bedroom. He just wants to show me a cool science thing on his computer. Confused, I asked him who was laughing earlier. He says “I thought that was your girlfriend”. I explained that she hadn’t gotten there yet and now we are both confused. But his house legit had an aura about it that was creepy. Especially in the basement hallway. Everyone who ever came over felt something in that hallway. Lights would always blow out down there even though he is an electrician and could never pinpoint the cause.

  10. I have shoes for my dog. But she hates wearing them. These are to protect dogs paws on hot days, super hot sidewalks.

  11. Even if not a new album…a single or a new release would send me to the MOON

  12. Ok, it has been speculated that the lore is based upon an ancient book called The Fairy Queen. Books 2 thru 4.

  13. I was just going off of the posted YouTube video. Thank you for your reply!!!

  14. I took their ghost tour! One of my pictures had a cat in it. There was no cat present. I wish the pic hadn't been on an ancient cell phone, it was pretty cool.

  15. Actually, the cat Morris that used to be on cat food commercials lived in The Crescent Hotel until his passing. There was even an elaborate cat house for him in the main lobby, although it was well known that Morris could roam at will and hang out in any room he wanted. Guests were told this just to let them know that Morris was the hotels cat and people were cool with this.

  16. This! And it will put a smile on other drivers faces to see you dancing to your favorite tunes as well. Everyone is beter for it

  17. Yeah… I have a friend who was belting out a song at the top of her voice in her car at a stoplight when an officer knocked on her drivers side window. He thought she was having a seizure. 😂

  18. so it goes like this... you're someplace taking photos, not thinking about anything in particular snapping shots. You get home, take a look at the photos, and you think... well that's really strange, what could that be?

  19. This song is so beautiful, I've always found it to be a mix between Banditø and Truce and it gives off this angelic sound. Funny story when I saw them for the icy tour there was a restaurant next to the arena and when I got there they were playing oh Ms Believer which was weird usually you don't hear Self-Titled tracks out in public places but I wasn't complaining.

  20. Most definitely a staff member was hyping themselves up before quitting their job and going to the concert

  21. Hmm interesting concept. While I seldom eat hot dogs of any description, I am sure you would find a market out there for 3 second hot dogs.

  22. I am using a new service that does not worry about a NDA, is a flat fee and just by setting up a near future consultation, the secretary saved me about $8,000 by telling me I can skip the provisional and go straight to the non-provisional patent. So I do look forward to doing business with this new firm.

  23. I wrote to my representative “Dan” and basically said that my invention was off due to unforeseen circumstances until I can fix them. And a few minutes later I receive a text from some other guy by a totally different name thanking me for my services. Just another red flag. Enough to make an 18 hole golf course.

  24. I’m not your dad but I’m the same way. I do not like Jamaican music, hip hop, rap, disco, in fact, I do not listen to music for about 99% of my waking and sleeping days. But I absolutely love Twenty One Pilots!!!! They blend so many influences together in a way that is nice to the heart and soul and they do it perfectly. I love Choker, Formidable but when I die, Trees will absolutely be played at my funeral!!

  25. In no way, shape or form am I trying to be slanderous towards the Patent Professor nor associates. All I am asking for is if this NDA seems legit.

  26. I've never heard of him, so I can't opine. There are items in his LinkedIn CV that give me pause, but that's just me.

  27. Please define if you would not mind? What raises suspicions in your LinkedIn search.

  28. Not LackingUtility here (who is always a quality contributor), but I'll jump in after looking at his website for 5 minutes as I wait for the rain to slow so I can take my dog for her nightly walk.

  29. I feel the same way. Thank you so much!! I went to YouTube and searched for them. For the last 6 years (the oldest video I could find) they sounded like a QVC ad with hardly any likes or comments. You would think that any firm worth their weight would have tons of views and tons of positive comments.

  30. Read the longest poem ever written. The Fairy Queen. And then the book Nihilist.

  31. The one on the right looks like an angry skull. Definitely get that one!!

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