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  1. In Episode 213 at 17:11, Andy says to Sharleen, “Nick was flirting with you to the point where he was trying to, like, bed you when we were first dating.”

  2. This is my type of dream date. However, I felt bad when they were having that difficult conversation (“I must tell you I banged your bff”) and their feet were just soaking in the swamp

  3. The worst place Zach could've done it 😂 I just visited a clear water canal in Krabi (pretty sure it was this one, which is why I posted), and there are a lot of mosquitos there. Them sitting there was just asking to get bit!

  4. Diplo for sure! He posted about it. And Twitter said Joe Biden went, but not sure if that was a joke lol

  5. My wife carried sandals in for after tonight, don’t see why heels would be different!

  6. She posted that story on Saturday, I just posted to Reddit late 🙈

  7. Has she always had her comments limited on her Insta or did she do it after the name leaked to keep people from bombarding her comment section? 🧐

  8. She’s had comments limited since the 🐍

  9. You’re impossible to underestimate

  10. American work ethic. If you're not working your ass off or if you take your PTO, you're lazy/inferior

  11. I remember reading a story from an obese woman who said people would literally take food out of her cart at the grocery store and tell her she didn't need it.

  12. I'd have to say April 25th. Because it's not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket!

  13. Shopping carts in the fucking parking spaces

  14. Cart Narcs doing the lord’s work

  15. I browse this subreddit every night before sleeping (and also multiple times a day because tea), but I can’t fall asleep tonight because I JUST GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!! To the very best man ever 😭🥰 It’s wayyyy past my bedtime, but I can’t sleep because I’m so happy!!!

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