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  1. Now say it with me everyone “Vote Farrell” I’m the upcoming election if we want this permanent and not allowing the vocal majority of left-twitter shilling about “equity” and “equality” when we know for a FACT they give two fucks about bailing out convicted murderers who go back and finish the job.

  2. The car culture comment is hilarious. Her whole Twitter feed reads like something from The Onion.

  3. I particularly enjoyed her tweet that "car culture needs to die," which she made after coming home from a "road trip."

  4. She was just showing anger in response to the police gassing protesters and murdering people. You find this an unreasonable reaction?

  5. She lied (repeatedly) about being gassed in her apartment, many blocks away from the protest zone. She lied about the tweets and then tried to minimize them. They weren't spontaneous reactions to events. They were NTK showing herself for the psychopathic narcissist that she is.

  6. ”Working group members, meanwhile, are asked to bring “specialized skills” in the following fields and emphasis areas: Accountability and Restorative & Proactive Safety Working Group, Lived Experience & Outreach Workgroup, Budget Delegate & Facilitation Workgroup, and Evaluation & Data.”

  7. Cue Ryan Packer bewailing another victim of "traffic violence."

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