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  1. police investigation into SNP finances that saw Nicola Sturgeon’s home raided is fuelled by misogyny, one of her closest friends has claimed.

  2. Wow. Such amazing journalism. Unused vehicle is uninsured... Is the SNP expected to just burn money on it?

  3. We don't know, but why would it never be insured if it was bought for the mother? Are you suggesting they'd drive it without insurance?

  4. Why would it not be insured if it was bought for campaigning?

  5. PLAYING a long game towards Scottish independence now appears to be the reluctant mind-set of the SNP hierarchy as it labours under a dark cloud of uncertainty thanks to the police probe.

  6. Trudy Lindblade has not gone full-blown Weegie yet but she is getting there.

  7. THE SCOTTISH Government spent more than £15,000 flying civil servants to New York for this year’s Tartan Week.

  8. What is the issue with this from your perspective? Genuine question, I’m interested to know

  9. Ah I thought you were the original commenter I was replying to

  10. What a rehash of an old story by the pro unionist Herald!

  11. Please stop complaining about publications for reporting the news it’s lame

  12. Following Green minister Lorna Slater’s admission that the deposit return scheme (DRS) may be “unviable”, it is clear that she will attempt to point the finger of blame at the UK Government.

  13. Locals have hailed the impact of Scotland’s only no-take fishing zone on the Isle of Arran - but warned the scheme only works with community backing.

  14. Despite the increased talk of it, we really haven’t seen any real shift in the direction that there would be a Labour minority. It all spun out of bad readings on the English local elections, which you shouldn’t do.

  15. and general election polling showing Labour far in the lead

  16. Most of Westminster thinks Sir Keir Starmer is likely to be the next prime minister, even if Labour are playing it down. They point to polls being wrong before, which is exactly what Tory spinners did before devouring Corbynism in 2019.

  17. How the hell does this happen? It's not a "blunder", it's gross incompetence and clearly shows that there is an catastrophic lack of processes and procedures.

  18. Such a waste of taxpayers money on this school. Just think of the state funeral we could have had.

  19. TAXPAYERS in Renfrewshire have been left with a £160 million bill after a blunder by the SNP council left a school a third of the size it was meant to be.

  20. Sun Tzu, the legendary Chinese general and author of The Art of War, said that “In the midst of chaos, there is opportunity”. Two and a half thousand years later, the sentiment of his quote can be seen to have stood the test of time. And today, if there were to be a guiding principle of the leadership of First Minister Humza Yousaf, it should be this.

  21. I agree. We should spend more money on creating a safety net for the poor.

  22. Why does a backbencher need a spokesperson, anyway? Is Sturgeon really so busy as MSP for the Southside that she can't reply to a question herself? Delusions of grandeur...

  23. If it was on the side of their own building, then I don't totally see the problem. But fuck absolutely everything about this.

  24. You can just imagine the marketing team pitching this thinking they’re geniuses

  25. A Glasgow MSP has called for an end to a tactic which is seeing commercial entities “exploit” a loophole to create “gargantuan” mural adverts on gable ends without receiving prior permission from the council.

  26. To have the best standard of reading in Western Europe, the best in the English-speaking world and fourth in the world is a splendid record for UK schools. But there is one small caveat with the five-yearly Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (Pirls) for Scottish schools; they’re not included, and the plaudit is only for those in England.

  27. So as of today, no dates have been missed. And no penalties have been forthcoming for missed audits or accounts. Also no one has proven any wrong doing has gone on despite the gossip to the contrary and no one has been charged or fined ? And after a police investigation lasting over 2 1/2 years and various people taken in for questioning and various houses and offices having been searched and thousands of documents taken away, the police have found… NOTHING ? I see. It’s almost looking as if they are ‘shaking the tree’, a legal term used for when the police are so short of evidence that they are desperate to find something, anything with which to accuse the suspects. In this case not even an apple as dropped to the ground. Another name of course is witch-hunt.

  28. A criminal investigation that isn’t concluded is different to a failed witch hunt.

  29. THE SNP failed to disclose that it faced the loss of a £145,000 grant during the crisis caused by its auditors quitting despite Humza Yousaf promising greater transparency.

  30. POP history was replayed on the radio yesterday when Woody Woodmansey, one of Ziggy Stardust’s Spiders from Mars, recalled what it was like to be on stage the night Bowie announced he was breaking up the band.

  31. Westminster “stands idly by whilst food prices continue to skyrocket”, an SNP MP has claimed.

  32. As the results came in on September 19, 2014, although the first authorities to declare in the independence referendum were for No, it wouldn’t be clear which side was heading for victory until the outcome in the big urban council areas was known.

  33. I thought he was cleared of all charges?

  34. Is there anyone left that believes this wasn't the reason she stepped down?

  35. There are still people denying it but I don’t even think they really believe it

  36. Ah so we are going with the North Korean defence this morning……

  37. I’m going with accepting the sad reality of the way the world (including the western world) works. Next you’ll be telling me that there’s no such thing as a revolving door between big business and politics top level roles

  38. UK Government immigration policies could have a devastating impact on Scotland's universities and could cost the country's economy billions, a senior academic has warned.

  39. I always said "I'll die in Scotland". I'm not wishing myself an early grave or anything, but I was always so fiercely proud of the country I live in and assumed i would live here all my days.

  40. I know the feeling all too well. Hope the therapy and antidepressants work for you. It also sounds like maybe you might want to start looking for a career that’s more fulfilling.

  41. Yup. Glad at least they've not banned CBD, so I have something to take the edge off it at work.

  42. CBD is good. Here are some other supplements you might want to look up for anti anxiety and mental clarity (I take these daily):

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