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LPT request: is 30 young enough to turn life around after a brutal meth addiction?

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  1. Strange buzzing keeps coming from the panel...

  2. Facts…it’s all because bro wasn’t lean to start and had no foundation….I think it should be a law lol….if you wanna start taking Peds…you needa be relatively lean or have a solid foundation….peoole just hop on when they 30+ body fat and build the sickest physique ever…only problem is it’s under their fat

  3. This is nonsense. You don’t need to be low body fat to take PEDS. PEDS build muscle. You can burn fat anytime. Not to mention it’s easier to burn fat when you put on more muscle

  4. I read this as “I just sharted” which might not be far from the truth in a couple weeks lol

  5. I always felt like that jacked Asian guy does. He’s not on here. He does some dance routine that’s famous but his waist is sooo weird looking. Freaks me out

  6. Lol he said I’m nuts for running it and his job isn’t to judge but to keep me safe. I felt it would make him feel better if I didn’t touch my test dosage since that’s not what he prescribed it to me for. So that’s just how it ended up but it seems to be working just fine

  7. Endo or men’s clinic? Finding a dr who isn’t an idiot and supports your own choices is awesome

  8. So true. So he’s actually my family doctor and my son’s pediatrician, who is close friends with an endo. So I get kind of the best of both worlds because they talk about my dosages and such. He’s the coolest doctor I went to him strictly to monitor me as I was getting test from a different source had been doing it for years and want to make sure I’m doing it right.

  9. Do carnivore diet. Seriously. No rice. Not potatoes. No fruits. And YouTube recipes. People will show you how to make any diet enjoyable

  10. As far as I know if it works, it works for people with low body fat percentage, so if you want to drop 12 to 10% it's not useful. But if you want to make less then 10 to 5 or 6. Then it would theoretically work

  11. Thank you for the reply I heard the same thing from the little info I found but wasn’t sure if anyone had done their own experimenting. I will take one for science and see what happens I’ll run it for 2-3 weeks and see if it does anything. If not I’ll stop

  12. Newbie owner here, so maybe a silly question. Do you still end up emptying it out completely, like once a month or anything, and replacing it with new sand? Or just kind of adding new in as it gets low, so it’s more of a gradual/constant replacement?

  13. Nope never. I buy the clean coop refresh pebbles add that down and put a fresh bag of sand on top when needed

  14. You are very obviously missing the point. And you’re too autistic to realize it at this point.

  15. You’re not understanding what muscle memory is…I looked way bigger than this back when I took things seriously like 5 years ago. I went years without lifting and not cycling and lost mostly everything. Hence why I do look like shit in the first picture.

  16. But I’m more knowledgeable than you’re giving me credit for

  17. Guy really provided me 4 videos of Fake audio. Do your research videos 4-5 are fake audio. It says it all over the comments and any other source you can find. You can literally hear it in the audio it’s fake. As for the first video. I will give you that he was avoiding pay taxes and ripping the women off. That’s low. Everything else about rape and shit. Is none sense and made up, do a little research. I knew you were going to send me that horse shit.

  18. Funny cause karma is exactly why that piece of shit is rotting in jail.

  19. I spend every other minute I can with my kids.

  20. What are some things you do with them? Not sure how old they are but my son is 2 and I do the same thing you do. I try to spend all my time with him. But during the colder months. There’s only so many cars and coloring you can do. He loves to watch tv but I feel like an awful parent anytime I turn it on for him. There’s a lot of “boredom” in the winter months that I struggle to find activities to do with him. Any ideas here?

  21. This deranged OP actually illustrates the Adhoc Assholes' intellectual dishonesty exquisitely. BlockFi STILL hasn't "stopped accepting customer deposits" because it's impossible to block deposits into a crypto address, fucking retard! All they did was change the website to no longer display the deposit address. Now, ruminate over this. Allow this notion (of how arbitrary the website is) to sink in. And then consider what this means for your precious postpause cOnFiRmAtIoN EmAiLs

  22. You okay bro? Go take a walk or something man. We’re all in this pot of shit together

  23. If you're a fellow prepause wallet bro, get a clue: the UCC and ACC are trying to steal our shit. If you aren't a fellow prepause wallet bro, then we absolutely aren't in this together (given that you're trying to steal my shit)

  24. How’d that walk go. And no I’m not a “prepause wallet bro”

  25. If you have to “give him one more just to make sure” it’s not the most humane way 🤣

  26. If you have to “give him one more just to make sure” it’s not the most humane way

  27. I got clean from a 12 year brutal opiate addiction. I now have a job making almost 6 figures and work from home. I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. My body is in great shape. I have a family a good credit score and am a totally different person. I am 34. It’s beyond young enough. It’s actually perfect.


  29. I’ve called everyday for a week. No one picks up or returns my calls.

  30. At this point, it is completely out of your hands. I recommend almost everyone to mentally write off your balance as a zero and move along. Accept that fact and move on and rebuild.

  31. Man if I can take your advice in not only this area of my life but all others I’d probably add 10 years back on my life

  32. I weighted 232. Did 2500 calories before this cycle on TRT until I plateaued at 211. Took this cycle. Went up to 216lbs. Dropped down to 2300. Now I’m like 213lb. And dropped to 2100. I have about one cheat day a week

  33. So you’ve been in a deficit for a long time? I’d up calories for sure and keep them there. At a min jump back up for one week then go back to 2100.

  34. The only water you’re ever going to get from a refrigerator is from a clogged condensation line or a thawing evaporator that’s been frozen

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