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  1. That ref looked like he was about to knock that Argentine player out

  2. Amazing that we can't seem to land a cross from a free kick in the box

  3. Damn we were so solid until that moment by Messi

  4. Bit tough on the keeper to have the ball given to him with two Argentina players so close to him

  5. He had ample time to boot it down field

  6. Honesty, can you even brush your teeth or wipe your arse when you're that big?

  7. Apparently it was over the elliptical machine

  8. Is he doesn't make the ledge jump he's not allowed out of the hole

  9. If there was a sudden rise in unusual clotting in Australia I would expect that to turn up in the ABS death data statistics or the National Coronial Information System.

  10. The older demographic have had more shots. The vast majority of the younger demographic stopped at 2 I would say.

  11. I don’t think it makes much sense that only the third shot would kill.

  12. 3rd? Havnt the oldies had 4? Maybe up to 5?

  13. Would be so stoked if broncos could be the good guys for once and release him

  14. I think everyone realises the reason he went to the titans was to win a premiership

  15. Yeah that's a lineup I considered too and while it'd be good in a way, taking AJ out of our spine means less touches for him and he's one of our best attacking weapons.

  16. I didn't think LKP was ready for first grade this year? Atleast that's the gist I get off some of the better educated members on the topic off the titans forum

  17. What is actually going on here? Are the police not letting them board the plane?

  18. Let's just say it moved me....TO A BIGGER HOUSE

  19. This is great news. People should be able to discuss things without the fear of being banned.

  20. I feel like we should be higher but am happy to have to prove ourselves. Having a proper hooker to direct the team around and an experienced half to help organise will help our props alot and also hopefully make our backrowers more explosive.

  21. The tram is an awful idea through tallebudgera and palm beach / currumbin

  22. I'm not the one who remembered a small comment for nearly 3 years and then made a bitter reference to it.

  23. You rinse your nose with the iodine solution

  24. Once they fully implement their digital currency they will be able to just lock people out of their money, banning people from wechat will be nothing

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