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  2. he’s a grown ass man he can do whatever he wants and y’all acting like pete some innocent baby like he wasn’t sending pics of him fucking ariana to mac, sending pics of him in bed with kim, and tattooed his fucking kids name on his body after 3 months. Ye ain’t in the right but pete ain’t a victim either

  3. it ain't about who's right and who's wrong, nor protecting skeet it's about not encouraging murderous behavior, you think this is a great example for the kids or young fans? That type of talk gets people killed in the street.


  5. Found the article. Apparently underpaid Florida teachers can get a $3,000 bonus for attending this class and teaching it.

  6. My parents waffle when I point this out. “Let’s not get political.” Im not, its economics. This is the reality of hardcore capitalism.

  7. The next things that are going to be "political" are going to be reproductive Rights and being able to afford a house.

  8. Because George Floyd had nothing to do with the mob, him and Dereck had a personal history, Dereck abused his power as a police officer and the people around took notice.

  9. He's not Brazilian, he's Portuguese, that's why he hates D. Pedro I/IV, the first emperor of Brazil, and King of Portugal, because he made Brazil an independent country.

  10. It's not "everyone*, it's the retire and Rich don't worry though you and I will be priced out

  11. So gentrification and bringing wealth to a state is destroying it?

  12. Hey more power to you if you want this place to be the next Hawaii, I personally like this place since I'm native and I want to keep it that way but I guess some people don't like the way Florida looks now and want to change it

  13. isnt this a super old strategy? I always heard that red states/cities shipping people/homeless to blue states/cities

  14. Yes but it's never done in masses like this, typically all they do is smear jobs on the blue cities to paint them as chaotic and dangerous and scare people into voting for them, my guess is this is what he's doing

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