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  1. True. Reminded me also that I need go make quark glasshards meltable with tinkers construct too

  2. hi, have you tried replacing "perl" is your name with "dumbass bitch"? It'd suit your real self better.

  3. Can you leak the banana monkeys secrets? I know that there is something darker behind that banana cheerfulness...

  4. How do you know about blox fruits dummy that proves your a kid stupid

  5. Peanut butter (I'm allergic to Jelly for some reason)

  6. Nice binder! Like the Hisuian Arcanine TG because he is truely a good boy :)

  7. Thank you!! How much do you think this would go for as is? It’s nowhere near done, I recently sold all my old school cards for a pretty penny. I’ve noticed these newer sets prices change everyday. From my knowledge the first page is $400+ according to the tcg app. Pretty much the lugia, charizard, palika, and marnie. I know at the end of the day it’s what the buyer is willing to pay, but is tcg app reliable on pricing cards. I’ve noticed a lot sold on tcg and eBay are way different.

  8. thats if its PSA 10 I believe, which is very unlikely

  9. I never realized I liked Latias until I saw this card

  10. So I did a quick analysis and the expected value of hits is around 5.9, where you have a flinch chance of approximately 46%.

  11. pretty good, considering how most moves have only 10% flinch chance

  12. you can also run king's rock to get almost guaranteed flinch chance

  13. Own a musket for home defense, since that's what the founding fathers

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