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  1. As I'm sure you've deduced from the responses, you've asked the equivalent of "if you had a chance to test drive a 2023 McLaren 720S or a 2023 Camero which would you chose? Aberlour all the way.

  2. I have loved all of Bardstown releases (although the discovery and collabs nowadays are getting to be out of my price range being $140+…) but not to worry! They are starting a new line of product completely made by them and not blended/outsourced. This is a 6 year product and high rye (>30%). Best part about this series? This can be had for $45-50 depending on taxes. I’m glad there is an affordable option along with fusion. Is it the new budget bottle?

  3. Oh nice! I tasted some of this during a thieving tour I did at their campus recently and it was freaking amazing (I mean the experience of straight from barrel in the depths of a rick house influences taste I get that ) but that was in November and the official bottles hadn't come out yet. I've been checking all my local stores asking them of they're going to get this but nothing yet here in the Northeast. Glad to see you found one!

  4. This Moongazer was definitely the "funkiest" of the recent rum bottlings from Raising Glasses.

  5. I'd open both and try them side by side at the same time. The extra wood of the double oaked will definitely pop out at ya.

  6. It's the same juice as BT, EHT, ER etc... you many find this chart helpful. Aging and barrel selection may be different or they may just be pulling a fast one on everyone.

  7. Probably won't get seen, but these last two weeks I've been limiting my alcohol intake overall to only Fri - Sun, and even then it's like two drinks at most. Trying to value better quality sleep these days. Started drinking matcha tea, and some calming teas in the evening. Feels pretty good so far.

  8. Absolutly. Many have mentioned the substitution of tea as a great way to balance things out and it's interesting how many folks have also mentioned improvements with sleep. When I start back up I'm definitely going to do something similar to you, Fri-Sun and that will be it. Cheers Friend 🍻

  9. I checked myself into rehab on New Year’s Day and just got out today. So my January was dry but it looks like the rest of my life is heading in that direction as well.

  10. Sounds like you definitely took a step in the right direction. I wish you the best on your new journey.

  11. Yes, it's like saying goodbye to someone you just had an incredibly deep, soul searching drunk conversation with. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Every time...

  12. I went the first week in November. It was beautiful weather, we booked most of our tours ahead of time. Did all the major locations and a few smaller ones. I never got the impression anything was "packed".

  13. 18 years in New American oak? No thanks... I bet it taste like wet wood.

  14. So then all 18+ year bourbon tastes like “wet wood”?

  15. IMHO I've had a few 15 year old Bourbons and I didn't care for them. From what I've read, after approximately 15 years things can get dicey with Bourbon.

  16. Respectfully observing the World Books on the shelf as well as a recently recommended distillery, feeling justified to have these folks on my buy list. 😊

  17. Its funny, when my parents retired and downsized a few years ago, those World Books as well as a small treasure (to me) of Time Life books where the one thing I asked for. I remember many nights as a child having nothing else to do (this was pre-cable, pre-personal computers, pre-internet) I'd just grab a World Book or Time Life book and start reading about the world. It was like Google. Good memories.... Did you have a set as well?

  18. Love this bottle. To me it's a slightly amped-up version of the AD/ cores, many of the same notes for me but more power behind it due to the ABV. It's interesting that 90% of the casks held peated spirit, as it doesn't come across significantly more peated than the cores (which IIRC are 50/50.)

  19. I like your description of the CS as a "slightly amped-up version of the AD cores". I find the AD peat is somehow both substantially present, yet soft at the same time.

  20. You're not the first to note that the TD12 may be a bit off. I have yet to try the TD12, it was an older bottling of the TD10 that I put up against the GD12, but from what I hear TD12 may not be measuring up as it's predecessor did. If I understand correctly, the TD10 has been phased out in favor of the TD12, but I was able to snag three super dusty bottles of TD10 at a local place I frequent, and I do plan to open both a TD10 and a TD12 and put them side by side to get to the bottom of what's up at some point in the near future.

  21. This is definitely on my short list. I recently had a bottle of the Teeling Small Batch. It's was such a delicious easy drinker I polished off the bottle in one night (with some help from a couple friends). As to the Single Grain, I'm really curious to see how the corn mash sweetness mixes with the wine casks. You mention the berries, I've never nosed ot tasted berries in a whisk(e)y before. I'll look for it when I snag this bottle soon.

  22. I often pick up some Westward when I fly through Portland. Their Stout finish was incredibly unique.

  23. Having just finished off my forst bottle of LL12, I mostly agree with you. It is good at what it does. It's an intensely sweet and smooth drinker. The finish is short and there is little to no complexity. That being said, I agree it's a value buy for sure, and a bottle I enjoy drinking when I'm just looking for a simple dram while I unwind for the day. Not everything has to be a complexity monster IMHO.

  24. Have you looked into "Wheat Whiskey"? It's like wheated Bourbon on steroids when it comes to the grass/hay note. Woodford Reserve makes one, althoguh the Bernheim is smoother.

  25. There are states where liquor can only sold in state run stores. I feel bad for the people that live in those states.

  26. Some states do an decent job. The whisky selection in NH is pretty good, not to mention you can easily search the entire State inventory online. Between MA private locations and NH state stores, New England is a pretty amazing place for whisky selection.

  27. Interesting. Never heard of this before. Do you just combine bourbon with bourbon or scotch with bourbon? Is anything game here? Is it just one with another or multiple. I have about 7 bottles I could have fun with here.

  28. Definitely a thing. I have one for Scotch bottle kills, but only from bottles that I really enjoyed. It's pretty cool how the character of your bottle changes over time. Just make it your own and have fun.

  29. That’s funny you say that. My cousin and I opened a bottle of Uigedail and then had the Oban as the follow up. It was a wild sensation

  30. 100%, but wildflower honey, not the stuff that comes in a squeeze bottle.

  31. I have never seen the TD10 let alone tried it. I did do a comparison between GD12 and TD12. Bearing in mind it was the NCF version of GD12, it was more to my liking than the TD12. I hear the TD15 is popular, but a bit out of my price range, so got a Glenfarclas 15 to sate my sherry bomb appetite.

  32. Do you recall the general differences you found in the GD12 vs TD12? Particularly the nose? One thing I found most striking is that side by side the GD12 had almost no nose when going back and forth because the TD kept overpowering my senses so to speak (in a good way).

  33. I'm a big fan of the Glendronach 12 so now I REALLY want to try the Tamdhu.

  34. Yeah I mean the GD on it's own I still find decent it's just that side by side the difference was quite striking. Some others have mentioned putting the GD15 up against the Tamdhu 15 and getting similar results so this may not have been a fluke.

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