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  1. Employees from big companies like Apple can easily go work somewhere else where they will get the red carpet rolled out for them.

  2. yeah I think they were pissed their short sightedness lost that dude

  3. w/ this dodge thing I was thinking of the south park episode w/ the harleys

  4. I think car people will like EVs once they start driving them.

  5. Still would not buy it. Electric infrastructure is not developed. It will take at least three decades, before such a future to manifest.

  6. Home ownership also skews older, so I’m guessing young people who would be more willing to give electric a shot have a harder time securing a place to charge overnight.

  7. EVs would be perfect for older adults (like retirees) who have a home and don't drive that often.

  8. Don’t disagree with that but I’m assuming people on fixed income aren’t your main car buying demographic. Maybe when millennials are retiring it will be better.

  9. Im just getting hit hard at the grocery store and the gas pump. I commute to work every day and its rough... I cant believe how much gas is costing me. It went from about $80 a month to $300 dollars :(

  10. In today's environment, ppl can be lazy and incompetent. But don't you dare call them out. Because that's mean.

  11. Please provide data. Something that isn't anecdotal.

  12. You are free to research said data as is consistent with any news report or wikipedia article.

  13. It is, you can verify it yourself, look up transistor densities of the various process nodes over time. Ever since the FinFETs started to be forced (which is forced due to physical limitations) transistor density has not followed Moore's law. 14 nm is out since 2014, 10 nm was supposed to at least double the transistor density. Samsung's "10 nm" was barely a 1.4x increase over 14 nm density, Intel's 10 nm still not commercial. Samsung and TSMC "7 nm" does indeed double the density from 14 nm but it was 2-3 years late compared to Moore's law. And TSMC's 5 nm is again only a 1.4x increase and also late vs. Moore's law.

  14. So you can't look up process nodes and transistor densities, you just need a source that you happen to believe (or will reject as false) that just states the claim? Is that your standard?

  15. We are into the second decade of electric cars being rolled off an assembly line...unless some magic leap in battery tech happens the price ain't coming down. The range still sucks and charging is a hassle. I only see the price going up to make up for the current issues. Tesla is still the benchmark for the market and they seem to be focused on profit, not efficiency and low retail price.

  16. That's actually pretty cool. I hope something comes of it.

  17. if it pays off more money will be put into researching the technology.

  18. NY and CA traditionally drive most things in the US, legal, social and otherwise. It’s hardly surprising that the giant economies of the US do so either. The inclusion of Texas is cute, but not meaningful given that it isn’t per capita.

  19. Which was a mistake Tesla fixed. Upgrades stay with the car. I've test driven a 3 that had both FSD and rear heated seats and those options still worked.

  20. That is not what BMW is saying will happen. If they’re purchased, they’re in the vehicle for life.

  21. Agree. Those attack ads are terrible too.

  22. It'd be interesting if Hulu was like "no negative political ads"

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