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AITA for calling my husband unreasonable for canceling the holiday trip just because me and the kids coupdn't help him in an emergency?

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  1. That was my thought. It’s pretty cringey to be ok with your 14 year old child “kissing a bit” when they’re at a movie with the family, regardless of sexual orientation.

  2. YTA. My son has been putting his own dishes in the sink without being asked since he was 8. He’s been rinsing and putting his own dishes in the dishwasher since he was 10. Sounds like you’ve got a lot of growing up to do.

  3. 16 gigs is the absolute bare minimum for AE. Using the minimum standard will yield minimum results.

  4. You’re not the asshole for wanting to stay there for the holiday - YTA for lying to your girlfriend about it.

  5. It is assuredly going to the Supreme Court before the program starts again.

  6. “The Supreme Court agreed Thursday to decide whether the Biden administration can broadly cancel student loans, keeping the program blocked for now but signaling a final answer by early summer.”

  7. Whether you’re walking in or out of a door, at some point you’re always “in” the doorway.


  9. Adobe Animate doesn’t have a lens flare effect (or any other effects for that matter). You will either have to manually build the effect from vector assets an animate it or use different software that has the effect in it.

  10. Check out sites like iStock. I’m sure you could search for and purchase something similar to what you’re looking for.

  11. It’s as close to Illustrator as you can get on an iPad, without using Illustrator. It’s also on sale right now.

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