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  1. I have no idea what flag that is but you International apes always impress me and make me proud of this worldwide community. You are awesome!

  2. Very cool! It pains me to see the state of the world right next door to you but I’m doing what I can in support. Unnecessary wars suck :(

  3. Always pay it forward. There are 6k subscribers to the orphanage meaning if even half of them went through once a day to upvote everything any orphan could at least comment in any of the GameStop subs.

  4. Awesome! I only know a little German which I read off your picture and I’m not sure what it means but “portfolio value”!

  5. the only reason for coming on this sub is, purple circles, meme and dd.

  6. All purple circles in all GameStop subs get instant upvotes. It's the least I can do. They are just so damn pretty.

  7. Mama mia! That's a spicy banana! Congrats!

  8. No single raindrop thought it started the flood. Congrats!

  9. Everyone knows birds aren't real and it's OK to admit it.

  10. The bot baby is now a bot man! Nicely done!

  11. More like advertisers deserting the platform. No sane brand would like their ads next to some racist nut job’s tweets.

  12. You just don't understand the 7D chess here. If Musk allows it to sink further as a racist, homophobic, anti-science, fascism promoting website then the advertisers already know what to sell to the audience without all that expensive finely tuned targeted research.

  13. Why are people taking a meme joke about the 3m figure so serious, is it because the market's closed and everyone's bored? lol

  14. Why be bored when you can hunt down purple circle posts that you haven't upvoted yet in all the subs and toss in random comments?

  15. Can't stop, won't stop, DRS HOLD SHOP.

  16. Nice pile o' bananas you got there! Ape on!

  17. Do what you have to do, survive and provide first. No one knows what's going to happen much less when. And you can't DRS if you're dead from starvation anyways.

  18. And to all the non-US apes, you are 100% necessary to making this happen. Not just the DRSing but you also have trading laws and agencies that just might be kicking in the door when the SEC won't. Worldwide can't stop won't stop, DRS HOLD SHOP.

  19. Hell yes. In all seriousness though it might be some regulatory agency in some non-US country that helps break this wide open. Many other countries at least seem to care about the well being of the general populace over faceless financial mega-corporations than here.

  20. GameStop clan ain't nuthing ta fuck wit.

  21. Wellington lol, horribly windy and hilly doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it

  22. So you're saying you're a smurf? It's all good!

  23. If Reddit dropped there’d be this radio silence between apes. And then after 3 months of waiting Boom! That sweet quarterly GME report comes out confirming everybody is still in and we DRSd another 10 million shares

  24. I don't think there would be radio silence for more than a couple days tops. Apes are a resilient, resourceful bunch and if they want to find a way to talk about bananas then they absolutely will. And even if they didn't the plan remains the same as always: DRS HOLD SHOP for the win.

  25. No single raindrop thought it started the flood. Ape on!

  26. I like to send people straight to the source:

  27. First time lurker, long time commenter. You did the thing! Woo hoo!

  28. Mainly just a lurker here. Use to comment but been zen for awhile now

  29. Zen is key. I always upvote every purple circle in all the subs and when I'm feeling a little spicy or have the time I'll toss in random comments into purple circle posts to help them rise and hopefully get even more upvotes. Like yours for example :)

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