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  1. That man wasn’t abused by anyone. He was probably just hated by his parents. Now he’s hated by the whole world and he’s incapable of love, boundaries, morals and human decency.

  2. I mean… if your parents hate you growing up, that’s emotional abuse.

  3. Okolie does okolie things. How many people have it on just waiting for Lara wood 2 to start? 🙋

  4. Back to Manchester Arena. It wouldn't surprise me if Tony Bellew shoots off some fireworks in the lobby "for bants".

  5. people more level headed than Devin Haney at a weigh in

  6. You actually highlighted correct predictions? You're a better man than me.

  7. Time to hold them accountable by giving them the heavy jail sentences that their victim would have acquired

  8. Which would lead to fewer women reporting rapes out of fear of losing the court case and getting punished for “lying”.

  9. Ha ha. Reddit can be a lonely place at times for someone who doesn’t subscribe to the typical alpha view on rape. The statement that so many have taken umbrage with seems pretty obvious. Do the down voters think reports will increase?!

  10. Hey there. This is the kind of question that is perfect for the daily thread. Please try asking it there!

  11. There will be no round-by-round updates for this fight as I would rather fist my grandmother than watch it.

  12. Canelo laying down, belly up, in a urine puddle under 5

  13. Besides Ben Whittaker is there anyone else worth keeping an eye out for on this card?

  14. I think it's a shame that Eddie/DAZN doesn't jump into bed with a couple of promoters like Dennis Hobson. My biggest gripe with UK DAZN is that you can sometimes go a couple of months with no UK-time-friendly boxing content. I would happily pay for DAZN if there was a card (no matter how shit) every week or two. Having said that, I unhappily paid for DAZN, so I suppose it's Hearn 1-0 Nounsandshit.

  15. When does DAZN go 2 months without UK content? Seems a bit off... but I agree that DAZN should look to incorporate more UK promoters. They've got that Golden Boy deal where the cards are weak, probably not too far off a Hobson card which is fine considering the difference between Hobson and GBP in the scheme of things.

  16. I can’t remember the exact dates, but some time at the end of ‘22/start of ‘23 there was a period of around 8 weeks without card on at UK times. I remember because I timed my subscription around it!

  17. [Boxer] is now collaborating with [company] to produce a new signature line of _____.

  18. Adrien Broner is now collaborating with Costco to produce a new signature line of pumpkin pie.

  19. defense arguments from Deontay Wilders attorney

  20. Outside the heavyweight division, this is the one mega fight I would happily slay my first born to watch.

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