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  1. Agree with teething. Yak chews are way too hard on puppy teeth. They are for adult teeth. Puppy only chews for puppy. Even a lab.

  2. For me, when every single tactic wasn’t working, it became clear it was about overstimulation. At this age I imagine more than 15 minutes of play is too much. My puppy needed to cycle activities or she became over stimulated. At that age she was cycling through play, training, potty, meal, chew and then needed to sleep for two hours.

  3. I’m so sorry this happened. I managed a dog daycare for years but quit because the practices of the owner were questionable and I was tired of having to manage humans and her. 1 person for 20+ dogs was one of the reasons I quit. This is not okay.

  4. No it looks like congestion. Paula’s Choice BHA, a yearly deep deep peel, and tret helped me.

  5. She needs to go more than once an hour at this age. More like 3x/hr

  6. The deal with train and board services is that …. They’re never going to care about your dog as much as you care about your dog.

  7. That’s not exclusive to board and trains. That applies to literally every single person. Not even my family cares as much about my dogs as I do. They don’t uphold the same training and structure. They don’t supervise them as closely. They don’t over analyze every little move they make. And that’s ok.

  8. I’m just impressed you’re getting a Pomeranian to do all this hahaha. I need pics !!! Love them. I miss my old dog. He was a Pom mix :(

  9. To start with we had to keep getting up at our usually work day time because puppy didn’t understand sleeping in, but we didn’t keep a strict routine other than that.

  10. We do that as well ❤️ but she sleeps way longer when we aren’t home in morning. That’s what I want to continue Mondays

  11. I totally get it, how scary it looks to leave your dog alone at various times, but life does happen. As long as they have their basic needs met, it's going to be okay.

  12. My post history will reveal my anxiety to you lol thank you so much. We are doing the absolute best we can

  13. These last two or three days I been using the loose leash and he just sits, lays down or pulls the opposite way to where I want him to follow. Treats don't do really do the trick either

  14. This has to do with leash training. Not the leash. Retractable leashes are garbage. Look up Kikopup Leash games. They are easy!

  15. I am preferring cow ears at this time. They are easier on the stomach, and can’t be swallowed lengthwise (a concern i also had). They probably last about as long depending on dog chewing style and age.

  16. Fade in alone time, starting with a little bit of time and then make it longer. Avoid long alone time while you're home for now.

  17. Can you recommend the best way to fade alone time? What I’ve been doing is penning her randomly and then leaving and coming back before she gets super upset. Then repeat. Sometimes I’ve been penning her and just staying in room. I’ve been trying to mix it up since day 1 but a few weeks ago she started sleeping after relatively little fussing so we continued with that specific routine and then the pen reluctance is a new thing.

  18. It sounds like regardless, there's negative feelings developing. It's time to step back. But, really aim to come back, seeing her refusal to go in shows it's a negative association even though she calms down and falls asleep after a few minutes. I'd scale it back before that becomes a problem, including changing routines a bit if it's possible.

  19. I can try that. I have a sitter come mid day who has her out for a few hours. unfortunateLy I still have to work so I hope that doesn’t undo everything. While we are home we can the ti e courage naps on sofa or in her bed I guess??

  20. They have to go from crate to outdoors to pee every time at this age honestly. I got mine 14 weeks and that was still the case. You’re talking 2-3 times an hour at least.

  21. I had all these feelings and around 4 months old (and more help from partner) it got a lot better.

  22. My boy went through a phase like this when he was teething, he's now 7 months and loves his crate, unfortunately its just perseverance

  23. Thank you so much for replying. I am reluctant to change anything about our “leaving” routine as it’s already got a few steps. However, I’m worried that I’m going to be standing in a dark kitchen waiting for my dog to decide to hop in the pen and be late for work. Any suggestions?

  24. If you can find a treat or chew that is super high value for your pup only give them it when you put them in the crate, thats how I build positive associations, my pup loves natural chews like cow ears, they're nasty but dogs go crazy for them!

  25. Yes, I have given her those but afraid to leave them unattended. I do have pen only toys in there she only gets when alone but sadly she doesn’t seem to care about anything much. She fusses for 10-20 min then boom, asleep. Lmao

  26. My puppy eventually stopped this exact behavior (i switched to a towel) as house training progressed. She hasn’t peed on her towel in weeks.

  27. Many adult humans pee more often than every 3 hours. My expectations for my puppy holding it are lower unless she is sleeping.

  28. I’m not single but am working and only adopted mine because a friend was able to help me take care of it during the day while I work. If the puppy needed it she was able to bring it to her house. Not ideal but it would have been safe. I am lucky that I was able to shift her naps to the point where she sleeps most of the time we are at work and instead my friend comes by to stay with her 2 hours at my house mid day.

  29. i snorted so hard when i read this. my dog was around the same age when she became bitey and snappy.

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