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  1. To add on to the other commentator. Genie+ has rarely sold out so far and has only done so on some of the busiest days like President's Day weekend and Easter weekend.

  2. This seems odd. I think my question was too narrow. Do they even talk about the Big Bang in the pre-show?

  3. They do mention the big bang in the pre-show. They mention it's how the universe started

  4. One time my parents went ahead and rode Guardians while I was feeding my baby and so we didn't get child swap set up. I asked the cast member afterwards if we'd be able to get it still and they were super nice and did it. Definitely can't guarantee it'll happen but it doesn't hurt to ask

  5. You can if the 1pm drop is still open. You can get the 7am Guardians queue and then enter Magic Kingdom at 2 and see if that queue is still open. The past few weeks it has been but it's also been slower so it might be closed.

  6. Would paid lightning lane help us at all? Can I have a paid lightning lane for a park I don’t have a reservation for?

  7. I think it would be good to get a lightning lane for Tron just because you also get to pick your time and guarantee you can ride at night. You can buy a lightning lane for it since your return time will be after 2pn. You can use this website when it's closer to see when the 1pm drop is filling up as you get closer to your trip.

  8. I read the book of Jeraneck once…that was interesting.

  9. This comment sent me down a rabbit hole reading all about it. Very interesting that's for sure

  10. They have announced that they will be using virtual queue at the MNSSHP so expect it to be virtual until at least November.

  11. They've been pretty strict for Tron about boarding group time so I would just expect to try for the 1pm drop. The 1pm drop has been consistently available until 4 pm the past week and while that's not a guarantee it will be available that day it's still your best chance to ride.

  12. Not sure of the exact calf measurement but there is a test vehicle you can try outside the ride to see if it's comfortable.

  13. You'll either have to hope for the queue to be open at still from the 1pm drop or buy an individual lightning lane. The virtual queue doesn't let you select a time like buying a lightning lane does but puts you into a boarding group where you have an hour to get to the attraction once your group has been called.

  14. I have IBS and I’m anxious about the long queues. I am concerned that I won’t be able to ride with my family. Should I get in the single rider queue, or is there something I can do to help? My party and I are from the UK and we’ve spent a lot of money on this trip. I really don’t want to ruin it for everyone because of something out of my control. Thank you

  15. There is something called the DAS pass that you can get. It allows you to check into a ride on your phone and has you wait for the time you would spend in line outside of the line before you get to go through the lighting lane. To get it you go to the Disney website 60 days before your trip and use the chat function to talk to a cast member. They will have you do a video call to explain the situation. You can also see guest services at the parks and they can set it up for you but I recommend doing it before you get there.

  16. You do not for regular lightning lanes but you can for Individual Lightning Lanes

  17. It might be good to look into going to Disneyland if you can. They had a whole after hours Star Wars night with unique characters that you could meet.

  18. I think the only ones that are worth it are Rise and Flight of Passage but a lot of it depends on your strategy and how long you plan to be in the parks.

  19. Something about the Rocky Mountains is stopping the Steve bans

  20. I'll be going to studios later today and can let you know if no one else has answered by then

  21. You doing the after hours event tonight? I am and I really hope its worth it

  22. I wish. I'm just a local going with some friends tonight

  23. It works the same as other attractions. You'll wait outside the attraction with the baby and when your husband comes out you and the 5 year old will go through the lightning lane seeing and going through the pre-show before the ride.

  24. I think the best would do an IP based artist like Powerline or the Electric Mayhem just to avoid any scandals in the future

  25. How have people been doing on the 1pm drop for VQ? Is it worth trying to buy the ILL? We aren't planning on arriving to the park until around noon on 5/14, so we aren't sure if we can do the 7AM VQ drop in fear we might miss our callback time. There's 2 of us, but only 1 will be riding if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance for any advice!

  26. The past week the 1pm drop has been open until about 2pm with some days even being later.

  27. He can try to join the queue at 7am from his resort but he must be in the park at 1pn to join that queue. If they aren't able to get in that queue they will definitely need an ILL which will probably be $15-20 per person

  28. I'm sorry to break this to you but the mousetrap news is satire

  29. Starting April 18th you'll be able to go to any park after 2pm without a reservation except for Magic Kingdom on weekends but that doesn't apply to the Pixie Pass anyways. If you go before the 18th you'll need a reservation

  30. What are luminosity’s revenue streams? There’s no way they can afford to be picking up and retaining leo+tweek+maister+cody along with their other ventures right as the esports bubble is popping.

  31. Luminosity has a bunch of money from their parent company Enthusiast Gaming. They got a bunch of money from going public a while back and have a ton of brands under their umbrella

  32. I can still see mine in the tools app. I found it under membership information on my profile.

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