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How Qantas treats your baggage

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  1. Personally I think 808’s is one the greatest albums ever.

  2. i like the leaked donda, with the "i bought an orange tesla" track. it really grows on you.

  3. I would have drive them to the police station

  4. That may be considered kidnapping because ordering a Uber is seen as a contract between the driver and passenger. Canceling the contract and then driving them somewhere is essentially without their consent and seeing this dumb girls attitude. I would just get out of the car wait for the police and let them be removed. Cameras don’t lie!

  5. Everything except get out the car. There’s no way you leave her fat ass in your car without damaging your vehicle once she see’s that she won’t get her way.

  6. That would be mad disrespectful!

  7. straight up extortion! grifting pieces of shit!

  8. I was a baggage handler. Deliberately mistreating bags is definitely not the norm. These guys should be fired.

  9. Right! Looks like a lot of extra wasted energy here! Might explain the Red Bull? Why would you throw and smack down the luggage. Easier to swing them.

  10. Gentleman, it is with great pleasure to inform you that I understood all these references

  11. I liked this one! The chewing is to a minimum and he uses props and lighting to enhance the atmosphere. Way better then a girl on a chair in the back of a Starbucks.

  12. Imagine giving up your freedom for Trump. I'm sure Trump would deny meeting Rhodes. He was just a covfefe boy.

  13. Never met him, I don’t know the guy, I know nothing about or ever heard of him. I hear he is a terrible man people tell me. I don’t know, never seen or met the guy! CHINA!

  14. Good! Now Stone! That guy needs to be locked up! He basically admitted several times on audio and video the plan and his actions!

  15. Check out mediastouch. Ben has great updates on the case

  16. Moved to china and future is unclear…. Uhm

  17. We learned that lesson already! Sincerely yours the Netherlands.

  18. it changes automatically to dark/light depending on the time of day lol. but yes, he’s worse than an actual scammer!

  19. I'd love to see the union actually refuse to follow government orders. Are they going to force people to work, by literal violence?

  20. Have a look at history of the rail way empire. They’ll find a way.

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