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  1. Totally worth it, just for Merrin ❤️

  2. Thanks OP! Made me link Showtime Anytime on Apple TV and watch Everything Everywhere All at Once for free without ads! (Other option would be to watch it on the DTV app)

  3. Added. I tried Hulu which doesn’t work well with T mobile Home Internet. You also have to add $ 13 per month unless you can withstand being bombarded with Hulu commercials. You can fast forward commercials on DTV streaming. No extra charge. Hulu forces the Disney and ESPN plus to your subscription. It’s a mandatory bundle. You don’t want commercials. You have to pay $ 13 to have all three commercial free, even if you don’t watch Disney and ESPN plus.

  4. And even after that it’s cheaper with more content than DTV

  5. Damn! My wife got one just one month ago for 60K… any chance she could call and ask for upgraded offer?

  6. I got the notification that autopay discount is gone. Does this mean I can sign up for autopay again?

  7. I have added autopay again to account! Hopefully it works during next billing cycle

  8. You should be able to see the promo in your account if it’s been added back. You don’t need to wait for the bill. Of course, getting it in the bill reassures that it’s going to stay.

  9. False equivalence. The cable subscription has tons of crappy channels no one watches.

  10. Hbo and discovery aren't merging now.

  11. Is it possible to transfer a paid line to the free line i have no free lines and Magenta Max I have 3 lines all of them are paid lines

  12. Just get the free line and wait for a year. You won’t lose anything

  13. Decent enough for FaceTime audio calls, maps, Uber - basically for everything. Last time it was on Vodafone; previous time Airtel

  14. Do you have a Paypal account? You can get a routing number for it, then just link your paypal to withdraw from your credit card.

  15. Doesn’t it mean you’d need a balance in your PayPal account? Can it tap into credit cards?

  16. You can set it to pull funds from a credit card If there's not enough on your PayPal balance.

  17. I thought that’s only possible if the merchant accepts Paypal

  18. Just in case, change your password ASAP — and don’t re-use any of your passwords.

  19. Wouldn’t I get an email to agree for the EIP?

  20. Whose bill is your card on that’s the other question

  21. I just saw this yesterday after I did the autopay maneuver.

  22. Did it fall off after adding the Dec free line? They are fixing those issues the last I heard. Unless perhaps your promo loss was caused by something else

  23. I escalated it through TForce to their “offline team”… they came up with a bs reason saying I had deleted a line 5 years ago which invalidated it… I had actually added a line first and then deleted a line and the store rep had promised the promo wouldn’t fall off. Indeed it hadn’t fallen off for the subsequent 5 years, even while I changed plans from Simple Choice to Magenta Max… I don’t know what else to do. I’m nevertheless determined not to pay more and want to cancel the line at the earliest.

  24. Seems like quite a stretch for them to make that be the root cause. I'd be curious to know if the store "no installed" it when they cancelled the line.

  25. I didn’t get the December free line as I had maxed out to 12 lines. Did get a BOGO last July though.

  26. All of these channels have individual apps on streamers like Apple TV and Fire TV. Those apps allow you to login with DTVN credentials. The apps have the live stream as well as on demand episodes. So Discovery+ would be largely superfluous.

  27. Is this true for Discovery+ located in the 190’s or just the app in the app location?

  28. I don’t know channel numbers. All the channels - Discovery, Food, HGTV, Science etc have their own standalone apps

  29. Pakistan. There’s NOTHING good about Pakistan.

  30. Why do you need a linear channel since almost none of the programming is live?

  31. Mine went through smooth. Says I’ve cancelled my subscription which is $12.99 per month. Access expiring Feb 1 2024

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