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  1. Damnnnn a lot of really bad suggestions in here!!most of the places being listed here are casual. I haven’t eaten meat in 20 years and eat out a lot, and have done a lot of upscale dining in SD.

  2. Though not vegetarian restaurants, I've had many vegetarian meals at Fort Oak, Juniper and Ivy, and Herb and Wood.

  3. Herb and Wood looks really interesting. Thanks!

  4. Yes amendment is required because you are moving to different metropolitan

  5. I see. Is that still required even if I'm commuting to work? That's where I'm really getting a clear indication.

  6. I don't think you'll be affected by this move if you work in the same exact place. Having said that, if you have a petition pending with USCIS (e.g. green card) double check your new zip code, as it may be under the jurisdiction of a different field office.

  7. I don't have a pending petition. Although I do have a valid I-140.

  8. Any idea on how long it would take for EAD renewal at California service center?

  9. Wow!! Never expected that. My filing is along with H4 extension and my husband’s was premium. Will expediting my case work? I have a job offer and I wouldn’t be able to accept it unless one of this gets approved.

  10. Sorry for the late reply, but I have heard that it's worth sending an expedited request with a pending job offer (this is not legal advice). But again, I have never explored that option as the employer in my case was ready to wait as long as needed.

  11. I have read about this and even an attorney suggested waiting for at least 120 days. You have just been at 4 months. I know you think it is long but USCIS, even without covid backlog takes like 3 months.

  12. I understand, but it is genuinely frustrating.

  13. NAL, I've seen some successful stories in

  14. gthv says:

    EAD processing times are absolutely out of hand so I understand the frustration here. The attorneys I work with have uniformly advised against mandamus due to low success rates, and have essentially held it as a “if you absolutely want to try everything we can”.

  15. Been waiting for approval for quite some time now. If you don't mind can you please share the law firm information. Thanks.

  16. West Indian Food, Indian street snacks. All I see is generic Indian restaurants with same old menus. There is more to Indian cuisine than tikka masala and colorful curries. There are only few options and too in Artesia.

  17. Not sure about PG situation, but here are some food spots,

  18. Must try, Jalaram Rasawala Khaman +91 99746 22890

  19. Off topic question: I have seen quite a few posts here with similar timeline photo posted in this subreddit. Is there an app that everyone is using for this?

  20. Do you still have a valid passport for your country? Wouldn't you just be staying in the country as a passport-holding visitor and leaving in that capacity as well?

  21. I still have a valid passport for my home country. The only thing I'm bit concerned about is the passport doesn't have any indication as on what kind of visa/permit I was allowed in the country in the first place.

  22. I know for a fact that if you deliver it in person (so you make an appointment at any IND location) you’ll get back an official paper that says you’ve returned it. You can always use that to avoid confusion

  23. Thanks for the suggestion, didn't knew about that. But due to Covid restrictions it's really hard to get appointments at IND desk. But will keep looking 🤞.

  24. Won't work for the travelling, you won't get the document you need to travel. One should go the one at Eindhoven airport for example, I think it is called Ecolog I think.

  25. How much for ecolog?'s cost is €149.99

  26. An RT-PCR test costs 105 Eur (incl. VAT) at Ecolog

  27. Had a chat with my immigration guys about something similar. They said it shouldn't be an issue. But in general try to make sure you still hit the "Substantial Presence" in the USA.

  28. Yes, that is correct. As I mentioned in the description I already had a visa and then I was approved for extension.

  29. One: (Normally) Yes. But be prepared to be asked why are you here-Netherlands (with documents to prove your work presence n reasons)

  30. For the Three, so can I still accept paycheck while I'm outside the USA for more than a couple of months?

  31. This is really useful information. Thank you!

  32. Indeed, the 30% rule would be a good reason to look into getting recruited while still abroad. However, being on a HSM permit is not a requirement for the 30% rule (for instance, EU citizens from outside NL can also get the 30% ruling)- you just need to live abroad when recruited. Maybe include in your job applications that you're in the process of getting a permit as a spouse so you don't need sponsorship.

  33. Ahh, that's not a bad idea! Will surely do that.

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