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  1. Dial the advertiser and play the loud ad for them to hear … and make it clear they won’t be getting your business.

  2. Bosch here. Can we use this as an Ad for high quality brake pads? /s

  3. I have been having the same problem with Apple Music for at least the last 6 months. My ATV is the first gen 4K unit, always up to date on the latest firmware. Gig speed internet service, with the ATV getting way more than it could ever need. It performs flawlessly streaming anything else to it, in the highest quality available. With AM, songs will just stop playing out of nowhere. It’s maddening. The only solution that I’ve found is that if I skip ahead in the song, or to the next song, it will mostly work ok after that. If I use airplay, it always works perfectly. There’s definitely something with the ATV doing the music streaming that is causing interruptions.

  4. AM seems to work better on wifi. Probably a bug triggered when migrating from IOS to TVOS. AM’s IOS code probably does not account for Ethernet

  5. In addition to the backup to USB option (which is NOT foolproof), I simply keep things simple with my changes and then take picture of the various screens.

  6. Thanks. I updated the BIOS and it reset everything! Thankfully I had taken pictures.

  7. I have the exact same MB. Were you able to update the BIOS? Did it reset to factory default settings or did it retain most of the prior settings. There are so many BIOS pages … and subpages. I am not looking forward to populating all that and ending up missing some key setting.

  8. How many times can this same article get posted over about a week? Must be into the tens of times now at least.

  9. Why Was Gandhi Killed? After Official Edit, India’s Textbooks Don’t Say School books, including key chapters on history, have been revised under Narendra Modi’s government NEW DELHI—For years, government-prescribed high-school textbooks in India included a few telling details about Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin: The man worked for an extremist Hindu newspaper and had denounced Gandhi, the iconic freedom fighter, as “an appeaser of Muslims.” A revised version of the Class 12 history book, whose printed copies became available this year, no longer says that. It identifies Nathuram Godse as Gandhi’s killer, but provides no information about him or his motive. Also deleted are broader references to Hindu hard-liners who opposed Gandhi’s vision of religious pluralism for newly independent India 75 years ago.  The edits are among recent changes under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government to what students learn about their country’s past. Members of his political party—which is linked to a decades-old movement to shape India into a Hindu-dominant nation—have long criticized school curriculum as unbalanced and biased against Hindus.  It does little, they say, to instill pride in young Indians, and particularly the country’s Hindu majority, in their history and heritage.  Underlying their grievances is a broader ideological debate. Modi supporters accuse the left-leaning, liberal forces that shaped India after independence in 1947 of representing Westernized values and of pandering to Muslims, India’s largest minority. To them, Modi’s rise symbolizes Hindu revival.  Critics accuse Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party of promoting a divisive Hindu nationalist ideology that threatens India’s secular foundations.   The changes to textbooks “go against the idea that education should encourage an open mind and a liberal outlook,” said Krishna Kumar, an academic under whose leadership they were originally written. The books, he said, have been “mutilated so crudely.” Modi’s supporters say revisions were long overdue. Teaching of India’s precolonial history overemphasized Islamic empires established on its territory and sidelined Hindu kingdoms, they say. Too much importance was given, they say, to the Mughal dynasty, a vastly wealthy empire during the 16th and 17th centuries whose Muslim rulers built the Taj Mahal and left a lasting cultural imprint on the region’s architecture, food and literature.  Hindu nationalists see the Mughal era as a period of temple destruction, religious conversion and the subjugation of Hindu customs.    NEWSLETTER SIGN-UP What’s News Catch up on the headlines, understand the news and make better decisions, free in your inbox every day. A chapter on Mughal courts is gone from the Class 12 history book, though another on agrarian life during the empire remains. A two-page table on the battlefield triumphs of Mughal emperors, from Akbar to Aurangzeb, has been removed from a Class 7 book. A chapter on the 13th century Muslim conquest of northern India has also been pruned.  In a public letter, more than 250 historians and academics criticized the move. “The selective deletion in this round of textbook revision reflects the sway of divisive politics,” they said. Indian history cannot be seen as consisting of Hindu and Muslim periods, they said, adding: “These categories are uncritically imposed on what has historically been a very diverse social fabric.”   The changes were made by the National Council of Educational Research and Training, an autonomous body whose members are mostly appointed by the government. It said it rationalized textbooks to help students catch up after the Covid-19 pandemic and to make space for critical thinking. The books are used by schools aligned with the central government’s education board and some state-level boards.  College freshman Shivam Kumar, a Modi supporter, welcomes the changes. He says history coursework has long failed to sufficiently highlight the heroism of Hindu rulers, such as 16th-century Rajput warrior Maharana Pratap and 17th-century Maratha King Shivaji, who both battled Mughal expansion. At the same time, he said, books focus on caste discrimination in Hinduism and the long-banned Hindu practice of Sati in which wives were cremated with their dead husbands.    “There are many glorious things about our past, and there are also many wrongs committed,” said Kumar, 19 years old. “But if you show that almost everything about our past is ugly, how can a child get self-confidence and motivation?”  Areeba Malik, who recently finished high school in New Delhi, said that as an Indian Muslim, it’s clear to her that chapters on Mughal history are being “tinkered with to suit the political ideology of the party and people in power.”   “Now students will read a nationalist history, not a history based on facts,” the 18 year-old said. Since winning the 2014 election, Modi’s administration has advanced longstanding goals of the Hindu-centric movement. It is backing the construction of a hugely symbolic temple at a site many Hindus believe to be the birthplace of Lord Ram—where a Hindu mob destroyed a 16th century mosque three decades ago. In 2019, New Delhi scrapped Muslim-majority Kashmir’s special constitutional status. State governments run by Modi’s party, the BJP, have stepped up enforcement of laws to protect cows, considered holy in Hinduism, emboldening vigilantes who target Muslims they accuse of slaughtering the animal. Cities and public places have been renamed to replace Muslim connections with Hindu ones.  School textbooks have long been on their radar. A chapter on the subcontinent’s partition to create Muslim-majority Pakistan has been cut. Deadly religious riots in 2002 in Gujarat state, when Modi was chief minister there, are mentioned in the Class 12 political science book, but two pages of details have been axed. A BJP spokesman, Gopal Krishna Agarwal, denies the changes reflect a Hindu-nationalist agenda, saying earlier textbooks, drafted when the Congress party was in power, portray a distorted history. “BJP is nationalist party and for us India’s interest is supreme,” he said.   Modi’s new education policy set out in 2020 says it aims to instill “a deep-rooted pride in being Indian.” It springs from a belief among top officials that school curriculum ignores the country’s cultural, philosophical and scientific traditions, rooted in its ancient Hindu civilization. Some of the most-debated changes to textbooks relate to Gandhi and were earlier reported by the Indian Express newspaper. The earlier version of a high-school political science book said: “His steadfast pursuit of Hindu-Muslim unity provoked Hindu extremists so much that they made several attempts to assassinate Gandhiji.” Ji is a Hindi honorific, and that sentence is gone, as is another that said Gandhi was disliked by those who wanted India “to become a country for the Hindus, just as Pakistan was for Muslims.”   The revised textbook also no longer says that the Hindu nationalist organization, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, was banned for a time after Gandhi’s assassination. Modi was groomed for public life in the ranks of the RSS, whose influence has grown since he took office. High-school teacher Amit Kumar Thakur said he believes history can’t be independent from the politics of the time. “You should read all sides and from all available sources before forming your own opinion,” he said. Write to Krishna Pokharel at

  10. The fact is Apple Atmos quality is all over the place. All their Plus shows are labeled as Atmos quality. Jon Stewart in Atmos? Ok, fine … does that mean I get to hear the audience around me (isn’t that what Atmos is intended to be used for by sound engineers?) … not really.

  11. How would life in Florida be different today if Germany had won World War 2

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