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  1. It’s called a hang out. He asked to go to a pizza place of all places, what makes what he said seem like a date?

  2. No, I totally get that in all honesty this was a joke.. though if I was mj and found out him and sable was eating out and wanting hugs and stuff I’d get kinda iffy 😂

  3. Most hugs are friendly tho and he’s clearly not one to cheat. And couples with jobs have business meetings (or brunch) with other people all the time which is simply what it’d be.

  4. Well said. I never understood it either. But I guess it’s people who also don’t like her either since she’s considered to be a ‘Lois Lane copy’ type of character which I can slightly understand but then again, it’s a new take by Insomniac.

  5. Yes it was a big deal during the first game and there’s still semi hit tweets about Insomniac Spider-Man today saying he’s a “cop lover” and the game is “copaganda” which is complete bullshit.

  6. It’s not true. Some dickhead on Twitter got a hit tweet pretending to be Insomniac and lied to people. Even saying they’ll be making exclusive side plates for PS5.

  7. I’m tired of borderline, give me full brutal symbiote suit.

  8. The gameplay PS blog confirmed Peter doesn’t hold back which it seemed like. Maybe it’s just IGN’s word (idk I’m gonna read rn)

  9. Wait wait wait you tell me josh did voice spectacular spider man?! That is awesome dude!!!

  10. Because one of the mods removed the Insanity flair so we finally don’t have to see the craziness. And I hope he does return

  11. Since you’re new, there’s also many more crazier BS you’ve probably missed during the first game which you should be happy of. The devs deserve the world and more due to the crazy shit they go through with fans.

  12. Norman thought he was hot shit as mayor and was too cocky and arrogant during his college years up to his mayoral run. Now that it’s all crumbled in front of him, a lot can happen in the sequel that converts him to being Goblin especially when Harry dies.

  13. No, they don’t have a checkmark yet people somehow still bought that tweet (I did too for a quick second)

  14. He didn’t, it was a lucky guess. He was going to hack it but he told Miles to try her name first.

  15. The thing I’ve most hoped for is Brooklyn Visions Academy. Idk why exactly but if they have ESU and now Midtown High, surely they could add BVA.

  16. Will you get enjoyment out of a 9 hour game (especially if you’re looking forward to SM2 in the future) or is your need for the textbook dire? Base it off that.

  17. Because the Remaster was rushed. What some people don’t understand is that the Remaster face wasn’t built with/on the same animations used for the old face which is why Ben’s face lacked emotion in areas. With all the time they have now and the power of the PS5, it should now.

  18. People upset about the new face staying and the old not returning. Except this time, those people are acting like the new face will have the same animations and stuff (because anyone with sense would realize the new face was built on the same animations as the old face which is why it looked like he lacked emotions and stuff). As of now, there’s no new/updated face from the sequel.

  19. Oh of course but people can still feel like that. To me he genuinely looks like he went from 28 to 18 with face model, and he now looks much younger than Miles even though I’m pretty sure he’s meant to be older and more experienced,

  20. What??? He’s 23 in the original and Remaster 💀 are you saying now he technically looks 13? because that’d be crazy if you’re serious…

  21. Of course I do, I thought it was pretty straightforward. What’re you confused about?

  22. I’ve found to be the best comic free site if you don’t have Marvel Unlimited. Type the names in and you’ve got it

  23. This makes me upset I’ve only platinumed 3 games out of the 54 I have. I’m terrible at going for all game trophies

  24. No they won’t. They’ll have him retire especially if he’s really going to become a teacher (whether it be this sequel or the third game or another career entirely). Spider-Man in general is too important and huge a character to die. I also think it’s a high possibility we push past a trilogy but we’ll have to see.

  25. lol no where in the article does it say its confirmed

  26. The article doesn’t spoil anything that wasn’t in the new gameplay. Why get upset? Plus there’s definitely going to be more than 9 characters too.

  27. I’ve not read it but people have said it’s said the prequel novel states he doesn’t. I do find it weird since like you said he’s the only one who can do the stations.

  28. It senses danger, if they value life to the point that they never want to kill and would feel guilt if they let someone die, shouldn’t they be able to sense when they are a danger to others?

  29. No because it’s only when they themselves are in danger. That’s why they have the sense and always have to hold back or have to be forced to stop.

  30. But why can Peter sense when crimes are happening? He’s done that before so it’s not only threats to himself.

  31. Huh? If you’re talking about this game’s iteration, it’s not sensing crimes, he’s hacked into all the NYPD towers and his mask sends out the crime locations/radio.

  32. It depends if its the same universe imo. If yes, probably should make a general hub. Otherwise separate subs is fine

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