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  1. Dark Woods, because they killed my favorite character.

  2. The white stuff is sebum which is the skins natural moisturiser and the plugs are oil and keratin. The more you mess with them on your nose the bigger the holes get.

  3. A good way to alleviate that is to immediately wash your face and moisturize.

  4. I have both, I think, and you're welcome to buy them if you'd want.

  5. As a longtime Shudder user, Shudder was never good. If anything, it's been better this past year or so.

  6. Koji is, respectfully, so fucking weird. I love/hate/admire all his work outside of Noroi.

  7. I'm a Jazwares plush stan and this is no different. What a cutie pie.

  8. Especially since we got newly redesigned penguins! Give us chickens!

  9. Just saying, I've had very good results buying these factory rejects on Aliexpress. It's usually something minor, like misaligned legs. Great if you wanna get into making customs.

  10. I would make a human sacrifice to own this.

  11. I'm only a few short of fifty. If I hadn't checked, I would have assumed it was way more.

  12. The hamsters are a bit harder to find these days. The monkeys still sometimes show up in stores. Either way, it's a steal. Do it!

  13. Pokemon Couple here! I love it, it's much more fun with my lovely partner!

  14. I was worried it would be something mean, but it's cute! My wife and I always get lucky trades.

  15. The honesty is kind of refreshing. Usually these are "spider bites" from a spider no one saw.

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