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  1. Yellowstones original tweet composition also sucked for this , and it was an awful exhibition of willful illiteracy on the “readers”/ commenters part.

  2. Yellowstone knew what they were doing with that Tweet, and it’s pathetic. For those who haven’t seen it:

  3. As someone who worked in National Parks abroad (South Africa) fuck the idiot who knew it was illegal and still chose to go and put his gross greasy little human hands all over it.

  4. Calling me out for reading comprehension, oh the irony 😂. Show me where in my comment I said it was okay for him to disturb that animal. You’re using literal quotes on something that I never typed, and it wasn’t even the gist of anything I said. What a dumb strawman

  5. He's in motion, preparing to jump. Stand up and do that as naturally feeling as you can. Where are your hands?

  6. It genuinely looks to me like he dangles the hand back out ever so slightly. I have no horse in this at all … I didn’t even know the match was today. But, I think there was intent with the way he tucked his hand then moved it back out just that much 🤷‍♂️

  7. Sobering to note he has two homes in Atherton.

  8. Two expendable homes in Atherton, apparently

  9. Can confirm, I got the 2 year. They also don’t ask questions. So you get to 11 months and 29 days and walk in and say “this isn’t working right” and they give you a new one in box which you can buy a new warranty for. Great for when you are ready to sell.

  10. He just left it hanging after saying something like “she’s not doing too well” and moved on to the intros. GOAT

  11. Anyone complaining about Ted letting Nate off the hook too easily hasn’t been paying attention. His ex-wife is dating their marriage counselor, and his confrontational moment was just assuring her that they’ll always be a family 😂

  12. Or that Rebecca came to him and said "I've been using you to get back at my ex and I was really hoping you would fail" and his response was "okay, well, I forgive you"

  13. They like us! They really, really like us!!!

  14. This warms my heart. We reached out to the Warriors after hitting 100K…absolute crickets lol.

  15. Not really. I consider myself quite far left and see no issue being a billionaire as long as I'm pro-worker.

  16. If you’re “pro worker,” you likely won’t become a billionaire…

  17. I’d make sure he felt a little something before the game ends

  18. Like Siakim did to Embiid's eye socket?

  19. Big difference between Embiid an MVP caliber and Robinson who has been nearly unplayable for the better part of the past two seasons

  20. Onlyk is the best fit that might actually take the vet min

  21. BRING ME OLYNYK! It would be so nice to finally have a player on this fucking team that knows how to game the system. Weak ass charges, flops, tricking refs, all the shit our players fall for but can’t for the life of them seem to pull off consistently

  22. Fucking finally. The state of this sub that I had to scroll down this far before the first mention of defense lol

  23. Yep, the Heat are playing with house money. Win or lose, they had a great playoff run.

  24. They had an INCREDIBLY disappointing regular season. And unlike the Warriors, the Heat actually flipped that fucking switch. Unsung hero after unsung hero…I’ve never seen a team have so many different players step up during a playoff run. It’s unbelievable.

  25. 3-4: "Three top trade destinations for Butler that will get the Heat back on track."

  26. More like: “Is Jimmy Butler the worst contract in the league?”

  27. Athletic, good handles, just looks comfortable with the ball in his hands, good frame, mechanically sound in terms of running/jumping/shooting. Forces the issue way too much and defensive awareness was rough, as expected from a 19-year old who isn’t ready. But, the foundation is there imo.

  28. Look at his Reddit handle lol no point in even responding

  29. why are warriors fans offended that i said warriors player A outperformed warriors player B

  30. The 8th seed making it one win away from the Finals without their highest scorer, and NBA’s Godfather might have to go? 😂

  31. Checking to see if anyone is onto you, huh? Nice try

  32. Weird, I've never seen chair joints that used that style of connector. Is the second picture upside down (I hope)? Otherwise it's odd that they would use something that would slide down to disconnect. Sliding up to disconnect makes far more sense given how people (and gravity) use chairs.

  33. Based on the photo, I think it IS slide up to disconnect as opposed to down.

  34. As a spurs fan Kane has another 6 years left at the hugest level. The guy has never relied on pace or other physical traits for his game just pure iq and technique. He’s also gone 3 years without injuries and this stuff about him not winning trophy is ridiculous when two of the best players who have played for Madrid had never won a trophy before they came (both of them also played for spurs). If Kane joins Madrid I think he’ll elevate as a player

  35. Aside from footballing reasons, I think a positive from Bellingham’s transfer could also be Kane feeling more comfortable about coming a Real…joining his fellow countryman and likely long-term international teammate. But, I don’t think Kane’s coming

  36. This type of shit is the reason I'll never buy a game at launch again. I've gotten burned before, I've learned my lesson, I'm done with it.

  37. I pre-ordered Elden Ring in order to play it asap, and despite it being From Software and the next iteration in their Soulsekiroborne series, I felt icky about it. My confidence was 99.9%, but I went against my principle of never buying a game until I see post-release reviews from reputable sites AND actual gamers alike.

  38. There’s some weird misconception the people that preorder don’t take into account reviews and shit. It’s not like the reviews come out after the release. I’m so fucking tired of hearing about don’t preorder this, don’t preorder that. Shut the fuck up already and let people spend their money how they want.

  39. Spend how you want. I truly hope you pre-ordered the most expensive versions of Cyberpunk, ACUnity, FO76, No Man’s Sky, etc. Either way, your petulance rivals any of the comments you’re crying about.


  41. See you're a reasonable person, Thank you for saying that.

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