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  1. Brock in the early 2000's and Kurt Angle before the injuries piled up.

  2. '03 Angle isn't really comparable to anyone ive ever seen. Even if Chad Gable took a leap idk if he could reach that peak and I looove Chad Gable

  3. I never got to see Kenny Omega live in Japan, so I bought a ticket the moment he challenged Will Ospreay for WK. Edit: I'm in Aus.

  4. you picked a good fucking event lol

  5. Logical end. Won't be picky... One request... Can a Heel Drew be the one to take the IC Title off Sheamus?

  6. Which ironically has the worst ppv poster design of all time.

  7. Oh God, Big Show and Hornswoggle's poster was that year? For some reason I thought that was 2012s poster. Man is it bad and embarrassing

  8. Seth is getting flicked up into a Finisher (in this case Pauls hook) Orton @ WM31 style

  9. A buddy of mine and I always called AOP the "Authors of Plain" lmao

  10. we're lookin forward to it

  11. LeBron seemed dead to rights thereat the beginning of the 4th after hitting that three. His spin move on THJ, I believe. He's unbelievable.

  12. This took me a few reads before I could see DP as Damien Priest.

  13. Rey and Bad Bunny vs. Dom and Priest? i act like Bad Bunny is the one of the busiest people on the planet lol

  14. Orton's best opponents (in-ring wise) mostly tend to be Canadians- Benoit, Edge, Christian and Jericho.

  15. Christian and Randy's chemistry was just something else. Soo damn fluid and small little details that added to every match. Miss that feud

  16. Lashley/Brock 1 was a good faulty too in retro.

  17. my personal one is NO DQ matches where the heel still is presented on TV in the match as bending the rules.

  18. it looks soo tacky and over the top but obviously get why they do it

  19. He might be the first guy to come out better from a feud with Bray since Bryan in 2013/2014.

  20. their* im stoned out of my tree

  21. Dom-Dom idk what im saying anymore

  22. His valet is hot and the entrance with him miming the singing is pretty entertaining.

  23. You dislike Karrion Kross that strongly? He’s incredibly believable to casuals but scoffed at by regular-viewers. It’s tough. I root for him, Kross is a great guy

  24. Acting invincible to lack of sleep. No rest doesn’t care about how young or healthy you are. Get rest, man

  25. i have 5 off the top of my head more “culturally relevant” unless you’re talking celeb status?

  26. His appearance in 2005 in the build with Angle is actually jarring

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