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  1. Yea… He definitely has to play a role in the match tonight somehow. Most likely a Takeshita turn to cost The Elite the match.

  2. I'm surprised that they open with Archer/Ospreay, but that's cool.

  3. NBA has actual elite athletes WWE has guys pretending to fight that get over according to storylines and the bookers whim.

  4. To me the question is how it was "only" 150. Everyone knew there was a risk of severe weather but some years that seems like every other day here.

  5. Undertaker literally had him added to the Ministry just so his faction wouldn't have to wrestle him and get injured.

  6. I remember the orbital bone fracture and the infamous Taker mask, forgot the cause of it, thanks for the reminder.

  7. Oh man that season 2 final when Craig Branham beat out Rico Constantino for the final was the best sporting event I’ve ever witnessed. Rico ripped one of those swinging punching bags straight out of the ceiling and threw it on the ground. Legends, the both of em.

  8. No, you're not imagining, it's went downhill fast

  9. Just a heads up for those with Game Pass. They just released 3 of Shadowrun games.

  10. This looks to be one of the best reasons why a game can be delayed. I wonder who the new partnership is with.

  11. Possibly something related with Jeff Jarrett, he liked the Tweet.

  12. This match remains one of my all time favorites because they went 100% all in on the concept and at no point did it feel like they were being disrespectful. It was such a fun and great match that really drove home what I love about wrestling.

  13. As someone with dwarfism. It was the best "little people" match I have ever seen. You are right, they went 100% and every time another little person came out I laughed all over again.

  14. Who held it before her? I have to see belt to wrestler ratio from another example.

  15. Black and Murphy love them some NXT OG PPV lighting.

  16. I moved 5 months after the Joplin, MO tornado. Moving to a mountain town assuming I'd finally be safe..

  17. "It's not gonna grow back, I kept the receipt!"

  18. Yeah they are gonna cut this with those pair of scissors. Definitely gonna happen.

  19. Hope this helps a bit. Feel free to DM any personal questions you may have. I am an LP along with my 3 year old.

  20. Thank you for caring enough to even make this post.

  21. This is new news to me, as far as these new types of agreements. Maybe replacing Legends contracts?

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