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  1. If no one else has named this I'd like to humbly suggest naming it "Mount Wegqg".

  2. Yeah and btw, China realized this too.

  3. Look people have a time when they are at peak, then they are post peak, then they are in decline.

  4. Russians hate this one trick (subscribe to view).

  5. This is ridiculous, this drawing depicts t rex without lips!

  6. I'm not analyst, but I could have told you that 12 months ago.

  7. That makes you an analyst

  8. It is kind of the heat but it's that you have a huge arc across the rails (via the projectile) that is several thousand degrees - so it eats away at the rails.

  9. Yeah but it's not worth it that's the thing, you can do the same with a rocket to even greater velocities so the only potential advantage to a rail gun is cost, which that would undermine

  10. Look like it or not, it's important to science that there is engagement with a broader audience, because that broader audience you need to want to fund science in the first place.

  11. I don’t think that’s the issue. The issue is that so many people in the media or broader audience are clueless and yet confident in their opinions. A Dunning-Kruger epidemic. It’s a fact of life but we can lament it.

  12. I can assure you that there are many highly intelligent people out there who are just as myopic in their opinions - there's not some magical threshold of intelligence where suddenly all debate becomes totally rational and self aware. In any case, this is Reddit, and a popular sub, I'm sure you could easily start a sub that has a moderation policy etc... again, swings and roundabouts.

  13. I always wanted to work in a factory making mirrors. Sadly though, I can't see myself doing that now..

  14. I presume this came after quite a lot of reflection?

  15. In the opposite how can you overcome the ease of a man portable anti tank and anti air weapons on an offemsive. With no cover or even a pre attack recon and artillery/strike I don't see, hope UK learns and doesnt repeat the same

  16. Yes this, they have no counter to javelin, dammed if they do, dammed if they don't, it's not just javelin here either, I think you're seeing Excalibur, bonus etc..

  17. They stopped that a while ago and moved to the 3 child policy and eventually the have as many as you want policy

  18. Now it's a please stop studying and fuck like rabbits instead policy

  19. Yeah this is a fucking big bastard, to use the technical term.

  20. Its pretty simple, a biped needs to power only one pair of legs when walking, but cant gallop.

  21. This - also just in terms of acceleration so much more torque can be applied by 2 limbs thrusting than one - so even if therapods could have run they would have taken a long time to get up to speed, there's simply no way that you can explosively launch the better part of 10 tonnes with a single limb.

  22. It's kinda cool, like he'll never grow old enough for his copyright to expire.

  23. That's a lovely way to put it.

  24. It's FUBAR - but the events themselves are not the issue.

  25. I like the cut of your jib, please take command of STRATCOM my man.

  26. What is it doing up there? Is it normal for a celestial orb to linger for billions of years? Who's paying to power the sun? The hardworking, conservative taxpayer, that's who. Meanwhile, these welfare queen "stars" burn up fuel non-stop 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  27. This is like a Tucker Carlson monologue..

  28. I think he and Hendry make an excellent commentary team in particular. He's good at drawing out Hendry's knowledge of the game.

  29. Yes they really are my fave team, I also think Virgo is sorely underrated, he's got an impeccable style in his own right, and rather like murray walker has catch phrases that we know and love, and long may he continue.

  30. I'm 60 and wanted to do it. But the programs I was interested in are too expensive for somebody who's trying to retire soon. So I just study on my own.

  31. Lol I like that you have him dying at 80.

  32. I would continue my day job but would basically be supplementing my life happiness through this, I don’t plan to get a high paying job in paleo. Still not worth it?

  33. When I learned Spanish, I discovered the problem of word juncture. English has it, Spanish much less so. That's part of what makes reading it easier than hearing it - it's hard to tell with spoken language where one word end and the next one starts.

  34. Yesitareallyhardtohearindidividualwordswhenitcomestoromancelanguagesingeneralwhichiswhythesoundsallblendintooneanotherunlikegermaniclanguageswhicharegenerallymoredefinedphonetically

  35. The next person who says shenanigans is getting pistol-whipped!

  36. For sure, but still susceptible to ATGMs like every tank.

  37. That's why aps systems like trophy will be so vital going forwards. Dorchester armor will defeat most current atgms at the thicker frontal sections but no tank is safe from all aspects or it would weigh 100t

  38. The title sounded a lot more exciting than the actual stunt. This is super impressive but I was picturing like the plane flying perpendicular to the flyers and intersecting at the exact same moment.

  39. I like how you've been downvoted for daring to be disappointed!

  40. Probably being downvoted by people who don’t know, or have to google what perpendicular means 😂

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