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Jury finds Donald Trump sexually abused E. Jean Carroll in civil case

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  1. Truth is, all SBUX customers are the worst examples of man/womenkind, primarily because they are ignorant, selfish, greedy sugar and caffeine addicts who make up all the unhealthy population with obesity, diabetes and heart disease

  2. I won’t even be a customer, let alone a partner of this pit-hole greedy business

  3. The biggest pussy in tRumps circus is Melania for being such a clueless, gutless, lacking integrity or intellect to stay with the World’s biggest loser and mother of donny’s freak child Barron

  4. What a sad, pathetic pussy-ass Melania is for putting up with and staying with this poor excuse for a man, no any human. Guess Barron and is issues are her punishment.

  5. FUCK SBUX, worst company in America now unrecognizable and unbearable. Greedy and clueless leadership and addict moron customers. Now partners are unbearable

  6. FUCK SBUX and especially FUCK the addict moron customers

  7. FUCK SBUX and especially FUCK the addict moron customers

  8. FUCK SBUX, the unrecognizable and unbearable cult trap has only 2 components: greedy clueless management and selfish moronic addict customers

  9. Starbucks customers are the most greedy, selfish, impatient, ignorant addicts on the planet

  10. FUCK SBUX, worst company ever….PERIOD

  11. SBUX has become completely unrecognizable and unbearable, I recently left and will not ever even be a customer either

  12. Never go back, SBUX is unrecognizable and more and more unbearable

  13. SBUX customers are all sugar/caffeine addicts who are in desperate search for their fix over anything else in life

  14. SBUX is now unrecognizable and unbearable, all about clueless leadership and GREED

  15. All SBUX customers are sugar/caffeine addicts who have deteriorated brain capacity along with obesity, diabetes and heart disease…it’s not that they are incompetent….it’s that they are just stupid

  16. Do yourself a huge favor and act of respect and kindness…..quit before it is too late

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