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  1. That’s def Alyssa but now I wanna know about the alleged beef 👀

  2. That’s absolutely not Alyssa, sorry 😭 I think it might be OP or a Co-ordinator they’re in a few shots hahah

  3. Oh shit sorry wrong side lmao do you know who’s the one to the left? I didn’t watch charmed but loved Alyssa on Insatiable and thought that was her from with unflattering light/angles lmao

  4. The one on the very far left? That’s Holly Marie Combs aka Piper aka one of thee 3 charmed girlies hehe alongside Alyssa. Main characters!

  5. I still don't understand why it's "scummy". It's not like she's misleading anyone. If this is how people decide how to spend their money, who am I to stop them? I do not care how rich, stupid people spend their money.

  6. Wealth concentration and widening inequality are arguably bigger contemporary problems to global health than things we clubbed together as a society to try eradicate like famine etc (I’m not comparing her being rich to famine before anyone jumps lol.) It’s harder to explain why as a society we should give a shit about the secondary or non obvious negative impact but for me it boils down to “the rich don’t need more money” and there is endless (often unfair) factors that make it easier to concentrate money when you do start getting rich. I also personally just think it’s a gross look haha. Like the world is fucked do something better with your wealth and power what is she going to do with that money add another pool to her mansion, some more vintage Chanel in the closet, so expected and trite 💤

  7. Holy fuck how are you getting all of that from what’s in the post? Anyways, there’s not anybody out there paying $10,000 for a DM that isn’t already rich, so I don’t see how this affects the wealth gap. Jesus Christ lol

  8. The rich get richer = the poor get poorer. That’s the wealth gap babe. Also there’s not a character limit on like thinking about the deeper impact of things. The sub’s tag is stay for the analysis lol. But I do concede it’s complex and I don’t want you to hurt yourself attempting to think beyond what’s presented to you.

  9. They’re all connected but the mainstream media just doesn’t/can’t go far enough to make outright statements like “look at the greedy billionaire living large while you turn off your radiators.” The way the recent linekar thing has played out is possibly exemplifying lengths govs (and now gov owned BBC) will go to quash vocal dissent.

  10. Compared to Trump he never says a word wrong. To be fair the US has had a fair share of Presidents who have not been the best of coherency Reagan, Bush Jr, Trump and Biden all have had major issues with talking.

  11. Weirdly though for a lot of online “left” in America he can’t do anything right. This is obviously based on my own perceptions from my own sphere of influence but for a lot of millennial/gen Z “left” (as in non-right, accepting the left is different in UK vs US) independent cultural commentators he’s a charlatan who’s fucking it up. I always find it surprising as arguable facts of his success aside you would think coming from Trump in addition to Bidens outright international and domestic progressive moves like rejoining Paris accord and student debt forgiveness would be celebrated (cries in 3 Tory govs.)

  12. Happened to me and my best friend, knew her since I was 6 years old, we were best friends for way over a decade. We spoke every night, and day — never fought (besides one time; third party involvement trying to ruin our friendship out of envy)… We were always stuck to each other like glue.

  13. I have no awareness of her in any other way, it’s true.

  14. Tens of people want to know all about the #1 “who?”

  15. I did Google it but I don’t think you know how reddit works if you think your comments would stay right next to each other

  16. I mean she gave us pretty much every photo in the comments with a caption of who they are for us all to enjoy so I think they do know how Reddit works. Ungrateful ass 😂

  17. Regardless of the world actually being built on open borders, it’s a severely complex issue that human rights are entangled with (hence the breaching of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights aspect) and if you want to look at it from a pragmatic view the UK has the power to respond in a totally different way. They are constantly advised by legal and humanitarian interest and pressure groups on alternative solutions, we have other countries we could model on. There is evidence that this response won’t stop people trying to flee war or whatever other unimaginably horrific circumstances they have to respond to that makes getting in a tiny boat a safer option. The gov are purposely choosing this alarming escalation to appeal to a certain group of voters.

  18. Well according to the Universal Declaration of Human Right you do have “the right to leave any country, including (your) own, and to return to (your) country” and “the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.” So actually people seeking migration do have rights, despite what you personally believe. And that’s why what this specific gov is trying to do is unlawful.

  19. Sorry but it’s just loser behaviour 🤷🏼‍♀️

  20. But she’s good to ruin lives? Miss me. You want to be a celebrity, you’re gonna dead with the fall out of public comments.

  21. Neither being in the public eye and cheating on your spouse with her friend nor publicly leaving abusive comments about bravolebrities physical features on their social media pages are good looks imo!

  22. God dammit. I have a grad school paper due. Guess I need to drop out of the program so I can focus here.

  23. I’m using my pomdoro breaks solely on this hahaha

  24. Queen Margaret Union has open mic nights on Fridays in their bar, and the Glasgow University jazz society has played there twice in the last couple months - worth checking their socials for the next time.

  25. The Uni jazz society also do every Wednesday at butterfly & pig (might not be exclusively them but always a heap of them there for jazz night!)

  26. That was the part that made me the most nauseous

  27. You asked what the term meant not wether the tweet in question was a good example of it, I was just adding some etymology for you brah lol

  28. No they’re not different, everyone is saying the same lol.

  29. Scamp was stunning for seafood the other day and Hooligan is my other current fave. All well thought out, contemporary but not spenny dishes.

  30. yeah how dare is he going against a redditors political ideology, that's just bizarre

  31. Fascism is an ideology yes. And decent, sound, loving, smart people oppose it yes (not least from the lessons of history) So despite your sarcasm, it actually makes perfect sense to despise this man and denounce what he stands for, yes.

  32. So I googled it and found the victim’s words from her own book

  33. I appreciate your takes and the research you’ve done to exemplify your point gal! It’s like pulling teeth trying to have a nuanced discussion from an empathetic perspective online these days. Like yes even if you agree what the parents made the wrong decision is saying that and stopping there getting to the root of why they did what they did? No! Would you like this to not reoccur again in the future? Yes! THEN CONSIDER THE FACTORS THAT LED TO THAT DECISION!

  34. Well if you’re worried about it, don’t strike. Because someone has to cover you.

  35. The onus on the individual to make the moral choice of wether to strike for better wages and conditions or not because they are worried over cover is wrongly directed. The individual is not responsible for the infrastructure and associated provisions. The individual is not responsible for the budgets and how wages are set. The power the individual has is when they join other individuals (usually in a union) and challenge for change. The progressive rights and conditions we have today were fought for by individuals and groups who refused to accept that the status quo was acceptable. The country is on fucking fire (not a pun) choosing to demand action is a brave thing to do right now.

  36. I know. But don’t complain about people who need to fill in.

  37. They’re not complaining about the people they’re complaining about the system. Again the people who are reservists also have no power in the set up of the infrastructure. It’s convenient for systems of power when we as individuals blame each other for things that are actually out with our control.

  38. Is there a deep dive on this somewhere? I’d love to read it 🌚

  39. You could check out the Beyond the Blinds podcast ep on her, that’s where I heard about it!

  40. What is the exact episode? I have only found a “Nina Dobrev Yacht Club” one.

  41. Ahhh fuck sorry I think it was that episode and I’ve misremembered! I’ll edit my comment

  42. I rewatched the whole thing during the pandemic over a week and spent about the same amount of time looking for a similar pair on depop lol.

  43. Are you maybe thinking of this Nene Leakes gif? I could see how you would mistake the paintbrush for chopsticks or something…

  44. One thing I do daily to prevent a build up is soak it in an hydrogen peroxide and water mix. I sometimes just leave it in there all day, then rinse it with water, and pop it in before bed. Looks great.

  45. I want to do this! What’s the ratio? Right now I clean them with a soft (separate) toothbrush and unscented clear soap but it still leaves them a bit cloudy.

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