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  1. My big question here is why aren't you wiping your dogs feet before letting them in the house? You surely could've brought some sort of dog pen and put them in there while you ate? I feel like some details are being kept since I don't understand your husbands blow up, I do however understand your daughters blow up.

  2. Couldn't you just buy your own? School nurses also give them for free or just call your mum

  3. He’s her father. If he has scheduled time with her, he should be providing the things she needs while there. The responsibility shouldn’t be on her, she’s not the adult.. he is.

  4. Whenever I would go somewhere (way younger than her) I would always take pads with me, yeah sure he could offer but at 15 she's capable of buying a pack of pads...

  5. Why would it matter if she sees them or not? You want to see them then you can alone. She doesn't have to

  6. It tastes like Dr pepper if you've had that. It's my favourite!

  7. Um what? You're not being selfish he's being rediculous. Get out of there!

  8. Uh get out of that relationship, sounds like she's using you aswell as being extremely spoiled. Take a friend with you instead 🤷🏼‍♀️ or maybe you can sell the holiday?

  9. People are allowed to have sex in their own homes that they pay for. But if he's adding to the bills then that could be an issue. Just talk to your friend and suggest that she stays at his more often?

  10. Seems like you’ve already tried talking to her about her mess and she’s refused to even attempt to be considerate of all of you.

  11. Thankyou! Should we all sit down and start the conversation with her or wait for her to bring up living arrangements next year and then tell her? We will stay firm on it 100%!

  12. Depends on the timeline. It might be beneficial to her to have more time to figure out her situation for next year. But if you tell her too early, things could be tense until the move-out date.

  13. Okay that's true-thankyou. I will have a little browse for things in her price range and hopefully it'll all go smoothly. I will probs wait until January as that's when most people start arranging getting a house for the next academic year.

  14. Just tell her how you feel about sex and she should understand.

  15. She could just be curious. I would be curious about height cause I'm 5'1and over 5'10 would be too tall for me personally

  16. Because most men don't care if a woman orgasms. We also aren't taught that it's even important for us to so most don't even think of it as part of sex (and I guess men don't know how to make a woman orgasm cause they aren't told about it or have watched too much porn). It also takes a lot of concentration which makes it hard.

  17. Judging your responses to people's comments you're a huge turnoff.

  18. I feel like people instantly don't listen when they're told to stop. No still means no, even if the person is laughing (which they can't control 🙄) it pisses me off when I see parents doing it to their children and carry on even when the child says to stop, you're basically teaching your child that they have no say and people can touch them however they want and there's nothing they can do about it.

  19. You need to go to the police without showering so they can get evidence, also you need to tell your mum. I'm sorry this happened to you

  20. she’s coming to pick me up right now and i’m going to tell her what happened + ask about going to the hospital, thank you so much

  21. Everyone would be much softer with her, she'd be the little princess I feel like. I also feel like she'd use that to her advantage, the cute looks of a girl but the distructiveness of the boys. I can see her getting everything she wants honestly- Hal would definately fall for the charm 100%.the boys would see the tricks but as soon as Lois or Hal was looking she'd go straight back to looking innocent and would definately get them into trouble.

  22. Long distance doesn't work (unless one day you plan to move close to her or vise versa)

  23. This is just typical parents. Dunno what else to say, if you have a a habit of getting out of school a lot then she could think you're doing that. Also what else is she supposed to do other than give you naproxen and tell you to lie down? She can't magically heal you

  24. But if you didn't arrange something or talk about it for a week in advance then how are people supposed to know that you wanted to do anything for it? I guess they should've remembered and said happy birthday but people have their own shit to deal with aswell so it's a hard situation.. Not ally I know that it my friends birthday that month and they then will say to me so for X day I want to do bowling or something (for their birthday) and I'm like okay cool let's do that then

  25. I don't vomit when I look at them but they do make me gag because I really hate strepsils. I'd recommend not eating them if they make you feel that sick... I like to use throat numbing spray it's much better

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