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'What the F-ck Is This?': Team Trump Blindsided by Jan. 6 Committee Getting Doc Footage

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  1. People looking for clues like WWE doesn't book on a whim

  2. See: Theory being randomly added to the MITB match tonight, negating the last few weeks of stories and qualifying matches.

  3. Hell, when we had the network we could start it 5 minutes after it started, from the beginning.

  4. Deonna and Chelsea also came out together to a new theme, coordinated gear and used tandem moves. Two new legitimate teams debut in the same night to bolster the tag division and it doesn't feel forced. The details matter.

  5. Impact has been the place to go for high quality women's wrestling for a while now.

  6. Complete aside but pickles with chicken is a no-go to me. Every time I watched RAW as a kid and saw KFC roll out some new special they always made sure to put the pickles on top and I just could not fuck with it.

  7. I mean the belts are just a symbol. They are the top tag team in three promotions. You know how a boxer can be a champ of the WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO, etc?

  8. I'm thinking they split the difference and he goes by something like "Jungle" Jack Perry

  9. JR kept calling him this early on in Jack's career, and I'm pretty sure JR has commented about why along the lines of Jack's not going to be a 'boy' forever and the moniker would start to hold him back. Thought it was a prescient observation at the time.

  10. Though Heart break kid didn’t hold back Michaels, I guess they did shorten it to HBK.

  11. I hope they make a Jurassic Dark pun at some point

  12. I noticed that, he said something to Claudio after the match about it.

  13. Something along the lines of "I don't know, I can't stand up, but I'm ok"...

  14. Will they rename them to dudes with slightly less attitudes?

  15. At this point I’m mentally prepared to find out the main event will be Yoshi Hashi vs QT Marshall for the AEW interim title

  16. Looking forward to a retrospective video or two on the build to Forbidden Door, ngl.

  17. Shouldn't your username be "..4BOC"? (The "O" is for Orange)

  18. If that's the case, the 'B' definitely doesn't stand for 'big'

  19. Where’s the hearing for the BLM riots and murders last summer?


  21. Before opening the link: 'it's gotta be Nelson Muntz...'

  22. I was legally not allowed to speak to anyone while employed in my previous job.

  23. I want to see a cut of this phasing in and out of Vampiro in the game doing the same moves.

  24. This is going to get downvote bombed but Biden definitely has some responsibility for increased gas prices, shutting down permits to drill for American oil & natural gas while buying it from Russia was a boneheaded move

  25. If you look at the price of crude oil (115/barrel) the corresponding price of gas per gallon should be....3.70. This is pure gouging by oil companies. Anyone who says differently can't do 2 minutes of simple research, or chooses not to. Which category are you in?

  26. Gas was under 3 dollars two years ago my guy

  27. And it should be 3.50-3.70 now. And of course it was under 3 dollars 2 years ago. Covid made demand plummet. Do you even understand how any of this works, or do you think it's just easier to bash Biden because you know most morons will just go 'hurr durr Biden bad' and agree with you?

  28. Reverse regular match: the two wrestlers start the match lying on the mat and the last one with both his shoulders on the mat wins.

  29. This sounds like it could take place in DDT or old Chikara...

  30. I mean, things can be a financial success and an artistic failure at the same time. Look at the latest Jurassic Park film

  31. This could turn into a veeeery interesting post very quickly.

  32. I’m guessing they ignored the press coverage on major news networks too

  33. I know people who watch the news. I know people who watch wrestling but don't watch the news. I also know people who don't pay attention to either.

  34. It's called the "Big Sweaty Men Slappin Man Meat" segment.

  35. So any idea when this would actually take effect?

  36. It seems like there have been quite a few 20 year celebrations this year.

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