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  1. 15 year club here. This makes me very sad. RIF had been the most consistently used app on multiple phones over the years. Thank you for everything!

  2. Almost ashamed to say it but red dead redemption 2. And I loved the original

  3. Same here. Don't be ashamed, it was a great game with a great story. It just dragged at times and was hard to play if you didn't play it every single day to stay familiar with the controls.

  4. Dexter Lumis. Guy’s a master on the microphone.

  5. So eloquent. Gets his message across every time.

  6. I was there when Ziggler got concussed by Jake Hager (Jack Swagger) right after winning the World Championship. Heartbreaking. 💔

  7. Tell me you know nothing about UFC/WWE without telling me you know nothing about UFC/WWE.

  8. Stick with the classics (nWo, Austin 3:16) or go retro and make it part of your street wear repertoire. Pair with Jeans and nice kicks like Jordan 1s if possible.

  9. I wore my Daniel Bryan respect the beard shirt to the first Pilgrimage festival and got a mini Yes chant going.

  10. I'm pretty sure he said at one point that he tuned his style down because he was getting older and wanted do be able to continue to go.

  11. Do NOT REPEAT DO NOT watch Pro Wrestlers Vs Zombies.

  12. I need to watch it, but wouldn’t it serve as a warning to Democrats and Independents that this guy hasn’t changed and we need to be ready.

  13. He does not have the character or promo down yet. Struggles on the mic doing anything more then being high energy, and he’s basically had 0 career in WWE without holding a title.

  14. There are loose story arcs best watched in order, but most episodes can be watched out of order. I suggest starting with the best ones, ones that can be watched solo and introduce you to the characters, then go systematic.

  15. Remember when they said he was a white supremacist?

  16. Nice I like that!!! I might do all other bounties for rest of judgement day

  17. Don’t care nerds. Roll up finishes are awesome. Not every match gotta end with someone getting knocked out.

  18. The most devastating move in AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL of sports entertainment!!!

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