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  1. Cool concept to get Shazam and Wonder Woman together

  2. Sounds a lot like Shazam fury of the gods synergy, but I am down. Seems like this will also set up Diana’s dawn of DCU status quo. I actually have really enjoyed the current writers on the book, so it’ll be interesting to see if she will get a new writer/direction. G Willow Wilson already wrote Diana, even if it wasn’t a long stint.

  3. I love everything about this. Wilson and Tormey are gonna make magic!

  4. Yeah and I think he's hanging around. We last saw him in Guardians by Al Ewing I think?

  5. Aaron has been so gung-ho on Avengers and it’s legacy but hasn’t even mentioned Rick and how he’s factors in. It feels like the right move but much of Aaron’s stuff has been so off-beat it probably isn’t

  6. I love the design but not sure on this being the right next development for Janine.

  7. Can I get a TL;DR on Avengers being his last ongoing? Is he focusing on more creator owned stuff or gone exclusive with DC or something else?

  8. He says he'll still write for Marvel but no ongoing in the foreseeable future. Focusing on creator-owned, yeah.

  9. This should be good for him, Aaron is obviously a fantastic writer but his Avengers work has felt really uninspired and just not up to his own standard.

  10. At this point he's kind of done it all at Marvel, too.

  11. Oh thank god. Maybe he and Donny Cates Can team up and write some kind of ultra-mega-cosmic over the top mash up.

  12. Honestly Instagram is all we need. It’s such a visual media that Instagram does well for comics.

  13. Anyone that still thinks elon is some kind of genius is cracked.

  14. Probably just setting up a Titans books since there still some titles that haven't been announced for dawn of DC yet

  15. Apparently Titans is replacing Justice League, according to gamesradar.

  16. Whoa, love that cover for the BATMAN: THE DOOM THAT CAME TO GOTHAM (NEW EDITION).

  17. My glass is full of water, leaving little room for water, what kind of fucking take is this 😂

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