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  1. That just happens when the site has timed out. Just go to the log in page and log in again

  2. No way! You spoke to another untrained, misinformed ODJFS employee! Crazy, if only they had one fucking zoom meeting. We all know more than they do at this point

  3. I lost my pet goat named chicken. Chicken was a great Goat. I Loved his galloping and firm horns. Damn you covid-19, RIP Chicken, you were always the best Goat

  4. Didn't mean it like that I was just joking but whatever

  5. First of all.... that's a neverthat's a great name next kid's name actually.

  6. Right im so depressed I just want to sleep till next week

  7. The worst part is that they keep saying 1/31 is worst case and it could be sooner. That could be true, or it could be 1/31 as a set date and they just wanted to make us feel good.

  8. But for the last time it was a little early and when they said these 19th they paid out on the 15th for those who got paid. So maybe

  9. Am I the only one reading it as DO-LITTLE oh the irony🙄

  10. I picture Eddie Murphy talking to a bunch of animals. Come on guys, we have to pick up the pace

  11. I've been on unemployment. Does this mean basically I cam "copy paste" my 2019 w2 for 2020 income tax? (Hope I don't sound as pathetic as I feel..)

  12. And just like that it's gone.... join us next time for "NO BILL LEFT BEHIND"

  13. In Ohio on reg unemployment we're getting ours a week later

  14. Thanks to fb they keep getting people who are getting scammed out of their info

  15. How long did it take to show up as PAID?

  16. Mine too but the number I called swiss my last partner was 21st for 1800.... Ann's yes ad of 1052am still says pending

  17. I have 6 kids ay my house due to this covid mess ship I gotta keep the food coming in however I can

  18. Lol im getting jealous I set nothing extra on the unemployment website

  19. Hoo to your correspondence and it will tell u if you qualify For additional weeks. Then where it says fed expanded benefits click on that it should basically be the same ad each week . Hope it helps

  20. Thanks I have 4 kids and 4$ to my name... im stressed out my 2 oldest(16&15) have even been looking for jobs.

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