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  1. I think a lot of this is very subjective and we’re all very different.

  2. I don’t know it’s something the way you guys do it that it’s lovely edit: to answer, I think we pull out the sleeves first and then try and stretch it up over our heads

  3. Car washes are scary. Washing it with a pressure washer and soap? Fine.

  4. No. People are doing it anyways, no sense in shaming them.

  5. Cap’n Crunch because idk… it just tastes so good with the milk and a bit fruity but not too much.. yum.

  6. I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas. Most annoying singing voice.

  7. Snow removal. It never shovels as easy as you think it will.

  8. When you make a rude customer angry at work and then they leave.

  9. Don’t even get me started on the death of Colonel Henry Blake

  10. My cousin was in a Mr. Beast video and it was one of the men vs women videos. She said it was really boring but they got food and paid (not much) to be there.

  11. As someone raised in the LDS church, I’d dare say Mormons are pretty damn strict.

  12. I’d block them. Maybe years down the road, I’d write about them in my memoir. OR MAYBE… I will write it in a journal, and then hide it until I’m dead and then my children will find it and it can blow up then…soiling that celebrity’s legacy forever.

  13. Whatever audio that plays in those MW2 Ghost memes it does not leave my brain

  14. I am a fetus gamer, and I’d read, write, clean my house, go on a walk, sit outside…

  15. Hahahah oh god I realize the way I worded that was just not good. I meant it like I’m a newbie gamer, a baby gamer…😅

  16. Yes, and I don’t really like it because it comes off as they think something’s wrong with me and they’re trying to fix me.

  17. It could be that you stood very quickly and maybe locked your knees when you stretched and it could be lack of blood flow that is then felt even more because you’re stretching and holding your breath.

  18. I have an infinite list, but we will start with the dumbasses who cannot read lane ends signs and then tries to merge last second.

  19. Woman. Short. Average. Brown hair. Green eyes. Freckles.

  20. Used to be a delivery driver. We had a customer who has been banned twice.

  21. Yeah, I unfortunately have a lot of crazy stories. 🥴

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