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  1. At my store they’re training our receptionist to be an F&I manager. She sold cars for a year at her last job but sucked at it. So far all she’s done is fuck up our deals. Now I’m sure you have more of an idea of how this works than her, but overall I think you definitely want to make sure you’re ready for it. It’s a hard job but can be lucrative. My GM told me that he wouldn’t wish that job on his worst enemy and said he could see me as a Desk manager but not finance because it wouldn’t allow me to grow as much. However if you like that, then it’s lucrative. It’s almost always better to get a piece of everyone’s deals than 100% of only yours. I’m no expert so I don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction but definitely put some thought into it and work with your GM. I’m super close with my GM so it’s an easy conversation for me to have but you should always show your willingness to do more and make yourself more valuable. In this industry what you put into it is what you will get out of it. I hope this helps a little bit and best of luck on your endeavors!

  2. I got the wrench once. It was when I was doing donuts in the snow. Some sensor got covered and the traction control was freaking out. That’s the only time I’ve ever noticed it tho. Sometimes it’s just something stupid like that. These cars kinda like to be drama queens

  3. Very nice. I see you went to Hines Park and didn’t come to see us at Lincoln of Troy. For you next Lincoln, swing by :P . Just messing with you! Enjoy the new wheels!

  4. I mean can it be done? Yes. Is it worth paying the high high cost to do so? Not sure. It’ll probably cost you high 3 figures or low 4 figures so you have to weigh your options. If you plan on keeping the car forever then maybe but if not I would just wait and move to a 2016 and up. Even though the 2016 says it’s not supported, if you upgrade the USB on the car which I think is like 40-80 dollars then you get CarPlay and everything. My personal take but if it’s a project you want to do I say go online find some videos and have at it!

  5. This was already said. But I always have my keys if I have a deposit on it. I’ve allowed people to sit in cars that have deposits but never drive purely for the situation your in now. So what can you do? Learn from this, create a standard for the future whenever you take a deposit, and sometimes make it known that your not comfortable and remind management of this exact situation.

  6. I should’ve held the keys for sure, but this test drive happened without my knowing. Definitely on me for making that kinda mistake but I for sure won’t let that happens again. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m not going to take the chance of this happening again I’m just going to pull keys.

  7. For one, your manager is a shit bag. Money in house, car is off limits. If they had a problem with your client paying Tuesday, they should have refunded the deposit. When I sell a car, I keep the keys so no one can touch my unit. If they want to let someone see it or sit in it, my coworkers have the decency and respect to ask me. Whether it's a 09 Civic or a god damn Bentley, no one drives a sold car, period. I feel for you.

  8. I’m new to this so it’s a learning curve for me. I definitely appreciate that. From now on I’m holding keys and not allowing anyone to drive anything I’ve sold. They can look but I’m not taking and chances. I’ve just lost $1000 from this and I’m not happy about it. I appreciate the tip, and it’s a lesson that sucks to learn but at least I know now

  9. I work for Lincoln and own a Lincoln and I gotta say you have a beautiful Lincoln, but I’m definitely surprised you went from a GT Performant Pack to this. It’s a great car but totally a different direction. Either way congrats on the new ride and I hope you enjoy it!

  10. Is it 25% of the cost of the vehicle? Sorry, I’m not in sales, just trying to understand.

  11. It’s 25% of the front end profit which is the profit made on the vehicle. The back end profit is profits which are made in the finance office such as warranties and protection packages. I get a cut of that, but it’s not a fixed it’s a variable rate. If you check the F&I part it’ll explain the percentages better. Hope that clear it up a bit

  12. I see. Thanks for the help. So what’s the CSI and PVR stand for?

  13. CSI Is customer satisfaction index which is based on your customer reviews. If they’re good you get bonus money. In this case if you have 100% you get a bonus. And PVR is profit per vehicle retailed. I believe that one is for retail orders. If you hit that threshold you get additional money when placing the orders. Don’t quote me on the PVR we don’t get that at my dealer

  14. I got a free Amazon gift card with my credit card, for $200 and then bought a used pair in great condition on Amazon for about $400 ish so my out of pocket was just over $200 but even at $400 it’s not too bad of a price. I’ve also seen open box at micro center for about $350-$400

  15. I have both and use both for different reasons. If I want something portable I take my Pro’s but when I wanna hear detail in my music I grab my Max’s. The noise cancellation to me is slightly better on the Max’s but not a deal breaker to me. The sound quality is what is completely different. I love listening to music on my AirPods Max and while the Pro’s are convenient they’re not even close. I got my AirPods Max open box for about $400 tho and used a free Amazon gift card I got for $200 so for me the actually real cost is about $200 out of pocket. Definitely worth it at that price, but I wouldn’t pick up them for any more than $400 tbh. Not that much better than the Sony XM4’s. The extra premium over them is worth it to me if you’re in the Apple ecosystem and the build quality is also a lot more premium, but at $550 I wouldn’t recommend them tbh

  16. Leaving was the best thing I did. I left and went to work for a dealership and in 2 months I’ve gone from 20 hour weeks making maybe $300-350 to 40 hour weeks and being on track to make 6 figures this year. Can’t be happier. Break free from retail and find what you’re passionate about. It’s way better

  17. That's what I'm planning for myself. I'm tired of retail, especially Target.

  18. If you’re good at selling and passionate about vehicles it’s actually pretty easy, and a lot less work with way better pay

  19. When I was at target for 1.5 years I was making 15.10 as I left. Found a job working for a dealership doing desk work with less effort and making $18 an hour with guaranteed hours and consistent scheduling. Been great so far

  20. it is indeed supposed to be GM, but during slim hours season since Tech is one of the few places with coverage they pawn the work off on them. It's just lean staffing and "modernization" BS. They aren't chucking us Tech TMs into toys at my store, but they are sending us over to Beauty a lot too.

  21. Your tech has coverage? Our store gave us 40 hours for the whole department. Maxed out and 20 hours a weeks between the two of us in the department. Couldn’t stand the bad hours so I left now, but it was definitely not covered except from September to December

  22. This is the exact reason I’m leaving the company. 22nd is my last day, and I’m going to a job in an industry I’m more interested in, and getting paid more with full time benefits. It was fun while it lasted but it’s time

  23. Don’t worry. They’re all just doing OPU orders instead :)

  24. Lucky. Every time is snows we get killed with OPU and DU orders and fulfillment is always understaffed so the entire store ends up in fulfillment and nothing gets done in GM or Specialty or Food

  25. The hiring manager at my new job got covid so I can’t start yet. That’s it 😂

  26. I’d double check what the equity is if you buyout your lease. You may get more that what the buyout is with this market. Do some research on what it’s selling for and you could make easy money. If not it doesn’t sound like a bad deal assuming there’s not crazy equity

  27. my last car was the stinger gt with awd (no tune but had intakes was all) and that was a fun drive but i just didn't care for interior and my lease was up but i found an mkz with every package offered and in red (also has the full sunroof) and has CPO. First thing i noticed was the whole shifting slow, like it wanted to go but grandma (computer) wasn't allowing it, i will post back once i get the tune in the mail and see if it really helps since it is giving 60 more hp and better shifts.

  28. I’d be curious to see how much of a change it makes. I keep wanting to buy it, but every time I’m going to something like my seat getting a short in it makes me not do it. I’m waiting for a month with no unexpected expenses but it hasn’t come yet lol

  29. do you have the drivers package as well? i hear it's the AWD system from the Focus RS vs the standard ford system. reason for the tune is because i hear it helps with the transmission shifting problem these cars have. Some people say it is a night and day difference with the tune and really wakes the car up from shifting like a old lady.

  30. Yea I have the drivers package. Idk I’m just not thrilled with anything it really has to offer. I mean it’s more fun than my last daily, but idk I’m thinking my next car I’m gunna get like either an A6 3.0 or a older used RS7. That or I’ll go CTS-V, but not sure cuz I kinda want AWD

  31. Wtf? A team member who gets to drink water at work? That’s unheard at my store.

  32. My SD has told us that water bottles are banned because of COVID. Literally everyone told him to fuck off lol

  33. IMO, your lead is either trying to get you to stay without a change in your availability or to leave entirely (or maybe they just don't understand the position). My store has a lot of ODTMs. That includes any of the seasonals we wanted to keep who we could only offer ODTM to. Definitely talk to HR or your ETL when they're in.

  34. Yea she said she would keep me on one day a week, but like I really don’t wanna do that as I’ll be working 5 days a week for 45-50 hours so it honestly would be too much for me

  35. Agreed. Went with a much more enjoyable BMW

  36. Funny you say that. I’m thinking of trading in for an M240i xDrive and idk why I’m just having a hard time making the jump to do it. Also congrats on the new bimmer what’d you end up with?

  37. A regular X3. It is so so much more fun to drive than any Lincoln I tried. I guess not everyone wants a fun car, but if that’s your thing then absolutely try BMW

  38. I think I found the most excitement they offer with my MKZ. Makes 400hp and it’s a fun daily. I’ve driven my friends X5 and I liked that a lot tho and I wanna try that M240 cuz everyone says it’s a really fun car. Idk I’m only 19 and got lucky I’m in this place in my life where I’m making enough to be able to do this, but honestly I wanna be able to drive fun cars before I’m too old and can’t stand anything but a boring luxury car lol

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