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  1. He’s going to sell MSG network or the rangers probably first, then maybe the Knicks but man if the suns are going for 4bil what’s the Knicks market gotta be 6-8bil right??

  2. At a guess I'd say the Knicks and Lakers would probably be in $11B to $12B range based on valuations / sale prices of smaller name teams

  3. I do Maykell Lorenzo's

  4. Where could I get those handle grips he was using for the bands

  5. I think they’re these:

  6. Or we can sponsor a great company that has made there services for free for so long and helped countless of rails devs get there shit on the cloud by paying a few bucks a month…

  7. I already pay Heroku several hundred dollars a month, maybe they can instead sponsor MY side projects and test projects?

  8. No... but if you have any level of OCD it'll bug you!

  9. Yikes, pretty much no one believes you on that subreddit!

  10. Thanks, I appreciate your suggestion, those ones look decent, however, I don't want any visual editing functionality in the theme I'm looking for.

  11. You can use the theme without using the page builder.

  12. Yeah but it's still based on page builder functionality.

  13. getting involved with walter was gus's biggest mistake. gale's product would have done just fine.

  14. And he almost didn’t…it was Walter that had to convince him, if Gus had trusted his first instincts…

  15. He's currently 39... if he makes it to 45 he can start receiving a pension from the NBA which will be $19,000 per year.

  16. There are definitely people that go to the gym (and reportedly improve their lifts) from their X3 training.

  17. 13 Mini is a boss. Love this damn phone. First year ever, since the first iPhone, that I won’t be upgrading.

  18. Do you ever get frustrated with the lack of the telephoto lens?

  19. With no applauding afterwards

  20. It helps that it's mic'd

  21. I've been doing X3 workouts for over a year now and I've never done a workout wearing shoes.

  22. I have them both. Discovered x3 first and used that for about 9 months before taking the plunge on Harambe.

  23. Thanks for the detailed reply?

  24. Yes I still like the X3 style push/pull split 1 set to failure style. It makes a great morning routine for me. 6 days a week I get up early, have a coffee and then do a 22+/- workout in my living room (anyone that says they do in 10mins is lying).

  25. Hey, just had another follow-up question... is the Harambe base plate compatible with the X3 bars?

  26. Witters Manufacturing

  27. This is useful knowledge. Could someone tell me the length of the stretch bands. Haven't bought the set yet but looking at the videos the bands seem considerably shorter than other bands on the market. I guess this makes it easier to "get to tension"?!

  28. The X3 bands are 41" long.

  29. I use the original X3 bar for my workouts and I don't regret my purchase. I respect the need to turn a profit and the fact that Dr. J has done a lot of good by popularizing heavy band/OSTF workouts.

  30. I totally understand there are cheaper options out there, but when I'm in the middle of a workout with super strong resistance bands I personally don't want to start worrying in the back of my mind that my equipment could fail!

  31. I'm about 80% of the time carnivore. I can't be as strict as he is or I end up feeling like crap. I've also been pretty consistent with the amino acids. I usually buy a cheaper form than fortagen. I've definitely grown my arms and chest area. Shirts are tighter. Also my belt has come in a notch so on the whole it has been working for me, but it is a slow process. I've been at it a year now.

  32. Yeah, I've been using Perfect Amino, very similar product, but they're stocked locally so I don't have to pay $50 for shipping a tiny bottle across the ocean.

  33. I enjoy the product. I paid the price because it looked and has been pretty high quality. I do not, however, enjoy all the carnivore content on the Facebook page and really only go on there to see people's progress for inspiration. When I commit to doing the workouts regularly, I see steady increases in my strength without all the crazy high amounts of protein that most of the guys get in the group. I just need to stick with it to see if I can get the same or better results as when I was going to the gym all the time.

  34. Yeah, the Facebook page is super annoying with all the carnivore posts.

  35. Fair point. I've been following the program as prescribed, except when I'm travelling.

  36. I'd stick at it if I were you.

  37. They now sell a longer version of the X3 Bar (it's about 74.9cm long compared to the original bar which is 54.6cm long):

  38. I've done some additional research and found two relevant videos.

  39. Maykell Lorenzo has also come up with an alternative exercise:

  40. The link doesn’t work anymore it seems.. would you be opposed to explaining it for me? I’m interested in learning a new method

  41. Damn... if you want a sad photo of it...

  42. The idea is, you reach failure, trigger muscle growth, but at just the right amount so you can keep doing everyday workouts and make small daily micro gains.

  43. Mid/late 30s here, but my advice is you won't need any other weights as long as you commit to going to absolute failure on all your sets. This is much more difficult than it sounds, and will take you months to learn what that actually means.

  44. Get the X3 Bar but wait on the Elite band. You won't need it for a while if you do the X3 system the proper way with slow controlled movements.

  45. Yep, there’s very little chance you’ll need it for the first year or more. I’ve been lifting on and off for nearly 10 years, and the elite orange band is gathering dust since the three months I bought the X3.

  46. I hate this suns team. Win something first then talk your trash. Clowns

  47. They've just won a playoff series against the defending champs...

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