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  1. "We have to understand a person before we can impose a sentence. We have to know their history, their background and importantly the reason why the offence happened. If you don't fully understand that, then a person is not going to get a just sentence," said Rolle.

  2. Justin is the best thing that ever happen to a criminal's fortunes, the day they decide to pick up a gun.

  3. Watch the whole thing slowly get forgotten as it served its purpose to distract from the Liberal's morass around the EA Inquiry.

  4. Unless you’re, native once upon a time you would have been an immigrant. So cut the bullshit guys..,

  5. Every time I come this sub I’m thankful he sealed that deal with the Libs to never allow a conservative government. You guys have worms in your brains

  6. Russia elite believed their own propaganda too much. Which, is pretty surprising given they would have been the ones generating it.

  7. Sooooo... the carbon tax is workin' as designed yer sayin'? Whew. Good to know we are getting the benefits of it at least while we see our futures melted.

  8. It took four successive Prime Ministers to put to bed what was unleashed by time the end of the 1970s came.

  9. Its the unfortunate reality of bubbles. There is no soft landing.

  10. There's going to be a lot more people pissed at homeowners when it does cook off then. For a long long time.

  11. It would be a very different world altogether if it weren't for the US. We would never have known the peace, freedoms, and safety from autocracy we have for over the past century for one.

  12. They are some of the biggest war mongers on the planet. They effectively destroyed peace in the Middle East with their invasion of Iraq and almost tried destroying Vietnam with their war but lost. You must be joking if you think the US is a bastion of peace? It’s their propaganda.

  13. They sure did. The difference is they kept the Russians from doing it (in the ME) and the Chinese (in Vietnam) is all.

  14. Was it like that under Jean? No. I voted for him in fact. So, it wouldn't have been suddenly bad bad Cons just a few years later if Justin were not heading up our government. You are making up monsters-under-the-bed to justify nonsense.

  15. You exaggerate the effect of a few years far beyond its influence and are even more influenced by events south of the border it seems. We're not them. Plenty of centrists would have done a fine job running the country and not created the harm now being done. Justin Trudeau's politics are a direct line to what's going on today...if you want to ignore history and simply.....well you know.

  16. This is going to sound harsh but honestly, anyone in this thread blaming Trump are morons. Yes, we do have an extradition treaty with the Americans but ultimately, it’s our decision whether we honour any extradition requests. Trudeau’s government knew damn well what would happen if he arrested Meng Wenzhou on America’s behalf but they still went through with it. Our government is supposed to look out for Canadian interests over American interests so Trudeau’s government should’ve said no. Also, she was flying to Mexico next so we could’ve just said no and let the Mexicans take the fall.

  17. Well said. Given our immense ability for dishonesty in Ottawa, we should have fumbled that extradition request on purpose, and watched as Meng flew away first, before telling Trump "Opppsie! Our bad. Didn't realize we should not have put that one in the mail, and walked it over there directly. Standard Operating Procedure you see. Next time."

  18. There's all kinds of legislative means that can address this that don't involve minimum sentencing which almost as a rule will unfairly punish a lot of people involved in things that legislation didn't anticipate.

  19. Public safety comes first or there is no need for a justice system at all. Violate the law and pay the price. It isn't too hard for the majority of the population to extend that favour to the betterment of society. Choose to take advantage of that and you don't deserve special treatment.

  20. Firstly, that's not true, due process/procedural fairness are paramount, public safety is a close second.

  21. The purpose of a justice system is so that you don't go off getting your pound of flesh for a crime committed against you. IT takes care of that. That's about protecting you and the criminal, not about endless bureaucratic procedural bullshit.

  22. "Look how transparent we are when we can no longer be cross-examined on it and it's unlikely to hit the news!"

  23. The past seven years of these Liberals has been the most abusive of our governance and Parliamentary standards, ethics, and traditional norms. It is the kind of stuff you think you would only see on bad political dramas.

  24. Goodness how you twist in the wind on this one eh? Accuse me of one thing and fall flat on your face and you are on to the next. Quite the display of integrity.

  25. I'm twisting in the pointing out your off-topic whataboutism? I'll just have to let you think on that one. :)

  26. This just gets better and better. Tell you what I'm going to do. You get the last word as your ego desperately needs it but I do appreciate the hilarious faceplant IDreamOfLoveLost did there.

  27. I'm literally asking for the context of the suggestion which was specifically not addressed in the article

  28. You are not. It clearly says its documented and you are playing the "but it isn't in my hands so therefore it is not".

  29. I must say, I am impressed at how far out on a limb you are willing to go. Say whatever you want, it is abundantly clear what reality is. Given you need to reshape it, yours is the last word.

  30. I am willing to bet that the two he is charged with weren't his only victims.

  31. If I was dead, you could bang me all you want. Who cares? Dead body's like a piece of trash. I mean, shove as much shit in there as you want. fill me cream. make a stew out of my ass. What's the big deal? Bang me, eat me, grind me up into little pieces, throw me in the river. Who gives a shit? You're dead, you're dead.

  32. There are players behind the scenes dedicated to disruption, divisiveness and destabilization....not just of Alberta but the rest of Canada. Who could have dreamed they could inject such a visibly dysfunctional but controllable person into the leadership position of the Conservatives and the Province?

  33. For a moment you had me there. I thought you were talking about Justin and not whatshername.

  34. Ships flying around the universe with their ceilings stuffed with rocks, ready to come cascading down on everyone's heads whenever the ship gets blasted.

  35. So? Is your point that you think people should just give up and stop caring?

  36. Hardly. It is my lack of surprise that we've been treated to corrupt governance for over 20 years now.

  37. lol "the cows have been able to survive since their escape" being cows? they aren't really high maintenance animals, being able to self sustain in the fields is kind of their thing

  38. I think journalism never had a very high bar to exceed as it was, but these days.....

  39. Sadly this has happened. In 2021 a woman in Kitchener/Waterloo was charged and prosecuted for violating her own pub ban. Luckily it was overturned on appeal but the fact it happened shows there’s a big problem.

  40. We don't have the numbers the way Harper or Mulroney did. The Liberals have been incredibly adept at carving up the electorate with single issue, divisive bullshit that does nothing for the betterment of Canada, and everything for splitting their opposition into easily defined targets to pick off.

  41. It sells to the majority of Canadians who just want to give up yet a little more of their freedom for the perception of a little more security.

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