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Thunderstruck on a Guzheng played by Moyun

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  1. An Itchy No Joe is something you get when you spend too much time with In Hoe and you need a thorough Tom Washing.

  2. Kung asawa or kamag-anak mo yung girl i think you are justified kung hampasin ng tubo yan.

  3. Somewhere in some quiet corner of the world, Saraya felt a pain in her neck.

  4. Kailangan mag-ingay pa para tantananan ng mga linta ang BSP!

  5. It's OK to just stop playing the game. You're supposed to take breaks.

  6. Asuka revamp coming soon. Random speculation but maybe she goes full into a Great Kabuki/Great Muta gimmick.

  7. Isn't she and her husband both LP stalwarts and Leni supporters?

  8. Uy sino tong artist na ito? Isesearch ko sa Spank... I mean Spotify!

  9. Anong apps yun? Anyway, puwede din naman dalawang account. Work account and personal account for my bikini pics.

  10. Not sure if this is the winning lift pero sobrang lupit pa rin

  11. I hope Joe muscle busters Darby. At least 3 spins

  12. Tangina ang bobo talaga mag English ng mga Pilipino. Hindi ganyan ang tamang paggamit ng "romanticize".

  13. Is this just a fancy way to say we will ship the game unfinished?

  14. But AEW fans called me a baby for asking to be spoonfed with recaps of something that happened in the indies seven years ago

  15. The man treats wrestling like one treats obscure indie music in spotify. It's like he's trying to out-hipster the most hipster fan (sorry, my millennial is showing).

  16. Excellent playing. I've never seen anyone use the tuning tool to change the pitch of the string real time as well as hit the strings with it

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