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  1. Wow, wish that was me but congratulations!!! Now onto bigger things 🎉🎉🎉🎉🥳

  2. Oof I’m a psych major and I love it! They offer so many classes and it’s really fun. You get to pick what you want to do

  3. Be careful - while idk if they can tell locations from the clickers, the prof or TA may have noticed that you haven't been in the room (more responses than people in the room, obvious wrong answer(s), being seen at discussion and exam time but not in lectures, someone told on you, etc). If they know what happened then bringing attention to your academic dishonesty will force their hand to refer you to the honor council instead of quietly changing your grade.

  4. Yeah I remember last semester in one of my PSYC classes the clicker said “60+” responses but we only had 18 people in class 💀 i was lucky enough to be there that day and so the professor made us write our names and kept talking about academic dishonesty. I recommend just going to class to avoid this.

  5. Yeah I live on campus this year but next year I’ll commute. My second year at UMD (first year being in person) I would commute. I live a good 23-30 min away, sometimes even 40 depending on traffic. Honestly it’s not that bad! It’s fun tbh! Umd has events specifically for commuter students and it’s cheaper obviously. Parking will be a Hassle so just make sure to come early enough to find some. There are lots of places to study and Mckeldin even has napping pods! I recommend you give yourself double the time it takes for you to get there to have enough time (if you need to be on campus by 9, and it takes 30 to drive, leave an extra 30 min before). It helps!

  6. Use the credits. I took AP BC calc and regret not getting a good score on my exam

  7. Yeah money, I want to take one but need to see if it’s financially possible for me. Thank you btw

  8. Yeah if possible try to take it at a community college but if it’s a class that umd only offers then 😅😅 goodluck!

  9. As a fellow Peruvian, I agree They also had arroz verde at some point but it literally just tasted like normal rice but they made it green 😭

  10. At the end of the day it just depends if the guy knows how to use it.

  11. I made some friends from here! But just being open with people during class, and joining clubs !

  12. Bruh the girls got it lucky then cause our bathrooms are okay 🥲

  13. If your schedule allows it, you could try joining a frat.

  14. Lol i think i’m in the same boat w you as well. I feel like i have a social anxiety i guess, whenever i talk to pple i cannot or dont know how to hold a conversation long. Or basically i just want to know more abt them, but sth inside me just keep me from doing that…

  15. They have a club for almost anything so it’s whatever you’re interested in!

  16. Yeeee I’ve been refreshing canvas every 20 minutes lol. But honestly we can’t do anything. Just have to wait. Hopefully they’ll be posted by next week Monday!

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