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  2. I don't think that is correct. If 99% of the user base is in one country, then that is what will be primarily in the database. As more Europeans become users of the product, then more of the items will appear in the database. The people who bypass the scanning step and instead pick a generic aren't helping build the database.

  3. But they're not accepting non-english label submissions so the scanner is pretty useless in most of Europe.

  4. Didn't even think of that angle. I assume in most cases there is a substitute you can find in C that will be equivalent to the foreign-labeled food.

  5. Yes probably. I mostly use generics though or create custom food entries with nutritional data from the Swedish food composition database if I find something is missing.

  6. Is starvation mode a myth though? I developed binge eating disorder in 2019 by restricting my calories too much over an extended period of time... It was probably around 1300 over several months for me, and my mind went feral for months, which I do believe was due to starvation mode.

  7. Yes it's a myth but what you're describing is not what is generally described as starvation mode.

  8. You look great, and the progress is noticeable, so who cares what the scale says. Muscle weighs more than fat. If you keep at it don’t add more muscle, you should see a change on the scale.

  9. Don't add more muscle? What do you mean?

  10. If the scale is your main goal then a deficit is all you would want. Building muscle will offset fat loss as far as your weight goes since muscle weighs more than fat.

  11. There's no way she's putting on muscle at the same rate as she's losing fat if she's in a deficit. Anyway, the main goal is fat loss.

  12. Because he's spreading misinformation that drugs should be avoided because they always build tolerance, which obviously is bullshit. And that "natural" is always best when in fact "natural" is just a marketing term for shit that doesn't work, which is very dangerous when people try to treat serious conditions with products that claim to be natural instead of using actual medication.

  13. just wondering. have you tried "Natural" substance?

  14. Yes I've tried stuff that would be considered natural and it didn't do shit. Tadalafil works great though.

  15. How do I approach this without him getting upset or offended :(

  16. I think it's perfectly reasonable to ask him why he thinks it's happening if it happens to him a lot. If he gets upset about that he's being childish.

  17. This always happens to me when I ejaculate after I've had alcohol. If you don't drink alcohol maybe it's something else in your diet, like spicy food or something.

  18. Haven’t experienced that, but I’d see about the tea tree oil. An eye doctor told me to use tea tree face wash twice a week around the eye area for microscopic things, and I know how much tea tree oil can burn. Maybe that is making the issue worse? I’m not a medical professional but it’s worth looking into.

  19. Yeah skip the tea tree oil. Just use a mild shower gel with some nice fruity smell and rinse thoroughly.

  20. Something that bugged me about The Biggest Loser is that the weigh-ins focused on the percentage of weight lost instead of the percentage of fat lost. The contestants are presumably building muscle as they exercise themselves to death in the name of entertainment, only to potentially lose out on a cash prize if they end up building a lot of muscle along the way.

  21. I don't think they're building that much muscle that it would have an effect though. Especially not since they're on a caloric deficit.

  22. I don't think Tadalafil has any effect on premature ejaculation unless it's caused by erectile dysfunction.

  23. Sure, start with 10 mg and if you're happy with that then great, you'll save a few bucks and have less side effects.

  24. 50 mg Zoloft daily certainly did but that was a long time ago and I don't even know if I had PE before I started taking it.

  25. I use a spreadsheet to calculate each cycle and log everything in FitNotes.

  26. Maybe you shouldn't let people into your nation if they are going to riot if you burn a book?

  27. How about posting that in a thread about swedish migration instead?

  28. Just gonna point what you obviously should do which is stop smoking and start exercising.

  29. Wet wipes or baby wipes work wonders. I keep a small pack of them in my purse/bag.

  30. Do you throw them in the bin afterwards? Why not just use wet toilet paper?

  31. Wet toilet paper breaks down, shreds, sticks, etc lol I just throw them away

  32. I use rough one-layered non-squared toilet paper, that actually doesn't break down (while wiping) and it's cheap and a roll lasts like a month. I highly recommend it if you want to save a few bucks. Soft toilet paper is absolutely useless.

  33. Don't worry about it, your dick isn't even fully grown yet.

  34. I did the exact same thing, opened messages while exporting and made it the default app. What's the point with only being able to export an SMS once?

  35. I was turned on several times, though.

  36. Yeah don't listen to the anti-porn brigade. They just make things up. First it's because you're bored with porn, then it's your nervous system and when quitting porn doesn't work it'll be damaged penis from to much jerking off so you go NoFap and after few months they'll say you're flatlining. It's all bullshit.

  37. Do you know the channel? Will be interested to see what Nepalese workers said

  38. I haven't watched it myself but it might be this.

  39. would like to get an answer as well, any update?

  40. I haven't experimented any more but I'll keep you posted when I do. Do you already have access to Sertraline or are you thinking about getting it?

  41. Haha no they won't. But if they do you better find a new urologist because that one's no good.

  42. Congratulations! Great seeing someone appreciate the benefits of healthy porn use and masturbation.

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