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  1. Cool, I have the magmortar, sabrinas gaze, Misty's tear, gengar and swastika one on the way

  2. Could you not call it a swastika? That’s the reason why they banned it but it’s not, it’s a Manji. It got banned because of how close they are, sure, but at least call it what it is please 😊

  3. Sorry, It's the "Kogas Ninja Trick" card that got banned for having a Manji symbol on it that was too similar in appearance to the German swatstika symbol.

  4. That's one of my favorites. I hope to get one some day soon

  5. I have the japanese version. Dope card. Gengars my favorite

  6. This is one of my favorites. I bought 40+ packs before I deciding to get the single

  7. I'm saving for the gengar right now. Maybe in a few months I'll own it

  8. Cool. I just ordered the same card yesterday! Great minds think alike

  9. Cool! I just ordered this card 5 minutes ago 😀

  10. The venusaur ex promo cards my favorite. I have the japanese version. My prized possession

  11. The inevitable onslaught of "Japanese cards are better than English" these posts always bring about. Haha

  12. Ah gotcha. I only started collecting this year. I have some english and some japanese. I don't have 2 of the same card though so I have nothing to compair. Some cards I like the silver border and others I go for whatever cheaper.

  13. I do, I started playing and decided to collect later on

  14. Radiant charizard is one of the only chase cards I've pulled. Awesome cards!

  15. I recently pulled a Numel Ditto. I was happy I finally got one. Then 10 minutes later I was putting away my bulk and found a second Numel Ditto that I somehow missed a months ago. 😅

  16. If it really bothers you, try taping it around a Pringles can or something similar shaped (in a sleeve of course) to curve it the opposite direction. Leave it for 30 mins or so and continue this process until it flattens out. This isn't a permanent fix as the cards will probably warp back over time but it's what I do to my warped cards. If you play the game and your cards are warped, it could be easier to get a penalty for marked cards, so keeping them straight is important

  17. That’s what put me off, I understand it’s all luck and chance but Iv never been super happy about a pull other than when we pulled a blastoise but then I realised they was not as rare as I thought

  18. I'm with him, maybe buy an etb here and there but stick with singles. I bought tons of packs this year and hardly got a hit

  19. Dope. I was missing the gold tires for a long long time. My wife and I started playing again when the new waves came. I improved my skills and decided to try and beat the time trials for the gold wheels. Wasn't too hard. I've tried beating the new wave time trials but can't beat 2-3

  20. That's one of the nicest displays I've ever seen

  21. A switch usually is enough too to make your pokemon forget that it shouldn't be able to attack

  22. I didn't know that. Sometimes I have 2 switch carts, I could just use 2 of those and have him back in action. Good to know

  23. Gengar because he has a dope design. Can fly around and he reminds me of the Ghostbusters, which I am also a huge fan of

  24. Damn, that's one of the best fakes I've seen on here. At first glance it looks authentic buthas a kind of uncanny valley feel it to. You have to examine closer to see the flaws.

  25. Just some bulk i gave him. I ended up giving the kid 2 packs with no hits I opened earlier as well. Showed both of them which cards were fake and what to look out for. Explained that quality is important when collecting cards.

  26. I'm not big on trainer cards but I want to add this card to my collection.

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