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  1. I heard he blowed his lungs out for a dollar a day!

  2. Those poor children, he missed their stop!

  3. Yeah well where do you think he got the idea?

  4. Saw him coming out of a Nordstroms outlet one time and it was really jarring since I just recognized him from Mad Men and nothing else. It felt like I was seeing the character and not the actor.

  5. Lynette: “Who’s bringing home the bacos now bitch?”

  6. We’ll it’s certainly not Top Ramen, mid-level ramen at best.

  7. Not the worst atrocity coming out of Cambodia, but close.

  8. Watch out, those things will kill you.

  9. Wait Dylan went electric?! Since when?!

  10. Pretty from a distance but don’t park underneath them!

  11. Does he still do this in concerts? Never actually seen him live.

  12. Wow, you’ve somehow become an even more pile of shit than the actual pile of shit.

  13. Has anyone accounted for the whereabouts of the Hamburgler?

  14. So either help or get a good stable video, don’t fail at both!

  15. Wait, she’s so dazzling that even the guy who shoots literal lasers out of his eyes is in pain?!

  16. There aren’t enough bedtime ties anymore.

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