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Hunter not sure what to do now

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Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating

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Literally shaking rn! One of my good friends asked for a favor. If her sis in law could stay in my guest room in Miami for her BBL appt… BIG REGRET!

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McDonald’s employees accidentally hand customer their deposit

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  1. You're not a carnivore, most animals do not kill other animals. You're a fake necrovore with cheese and toy poodles. Gathering is more important and intelligent than hunting but men have an inferior complex about literally everything and think lions are cool, even though they're part of the janitorial services in nature, not the big kings you think they are. Basically, human males are losers, they know it, they gotta make things up and be violent toddlers and kill a planet.

  2. So you hate lions? Did your parents favor the toy poodle or cheese over you?

  3. Ancestors owned slaves as well. Your argument is lame. You have every option to leave the animals alone and eat something else, but no, you enjoy the killing, and feel entitled to do whatever you please.

  4. Slaves provided for you today and tomorrow. FTFY. You have every option to leave capitalism alone yet here you are.

  5. Because black people in America are historically oppressed by white people. Not that you don’t know this, you’re just playing word games because that’s all you have.

  6. Which people are not oppressed? Asking for a friend.

  7. I’m not challenging you, but do many people assume that anyone they deem yeehadists, gravy seals,etc. have no military training? The 6 police officers that died January 6th had to deal with the lowest caliper of rioters. But assuming you’re (whoever -not Op) much more educated, how do you assume the other side is no threat or a real threat? How is this working for Ukrainians, dealing with untrained killers?

  8. Man I used to know this cat in the hat, That had a maga cap wearing crow hybreed bat, but one time my babies mama was spotted hiding her Cadillac keys under the door mat, well that old meddling bat took her keys, her Cadillac, and left a note ‘said Phuck you in the crack!

  9. It's the perfect crime, you'd never know until you got lost or buried, and then they'd never find the evidence ¯\(ツ)/¯

  10. He would have got away with it to. If it wasn’t for those damn meddling kids.

  11. I ride leisurely and my ceiling seems to be around 40-45 miles. I could maybe push it to 50-55 in an emergency but I'm going to be wrecked the next day.

  12. My ceiling is a century. That’s 100 miles in one ride -with plenty of short breaks and a few pounds in food, water, & tools. My ceiling shrinks with a tent, & gear or whatever extra weight. But even then I’m riding my most efficient bike, with good weather and little traffic. I love biking and I believe most people would be surprised with they’re mileage given the chance and a proper bike. But tbh I know that I have biked 20 miles in a Wisconsin snow storm at night, well many nights, and those rides were always hard. Traffic, low visibility, bike problems, etc. changes thing’s really quick. Anyways I think biking in an emergency could be an option but IMO it’s almost never safe on the highway, the city, pretty much anywhere. And I wouldn’t expect it to be if SHTF. That said driving is never safe. Biking is quiet, fuel (food&water) efficient, can be cheap, many people can do it, possibly safer than the interstate & driving,etc.

  13. You think dragging blades through fifty bags of dirt (or concrete, or whatever) doesn't dull it? Hey, if you want to use your nicer knives for stupid tasks, or only carry shitty ones, that's fine.

  14. The topsoil bags I open have nothing at the top of the bag. The paper bags of concrete can be easily torn open. Because this is part of my life I don’t have 300$ for a Benchmade. Also if you can’t cut a bag with your pocket knife, your doing it wrong. But that’s cool if you can afford a nice knife.

  15. Its part of your life, and you still tear open concrete bags instead of scoring and breaking in half like a normal person?

  16. Topsoil is a lot more common for me. But pouring a bag of concrete might be different for you. As far as normal… yes this thing with you supposedly breaking bags is the only normal way./S lmao

  17. I'm sorry, I think you may just be having trouble reading what I said. Please read it again without randomly creating arguments or thoughts that weren't there, nor implied, then we can discuss what we are talking about as adults.

  18. Clearly you’re Adult conversations don’t include things like questions. Hard pass. Please don’t troll me.

  19. When those questions are born out of ignorance, I prefer to address the ignorance before the question.

  20. I’m not the one justifying hatred but you do you. Goodbye Troll. Blocked

  21. That must have been before he earned The Congressional Medal of Honor and three Ph.Ds.

  22. I heard he is the congressional Medal of Honor. And he has all the PHD’s

  23. Free boat with a free RV. You end up spending the rest of your life trying to keep water out of both.

  24. Next on Netflix…The Freebies, a RV & Boat renovation that starts with love, passion, hope, & dreams but ends with bankruptcy, divorce, homicide, & suicide.

  25. Don't they make a vow of "keep all the money"?

  26. They don’t feed the poor. You have to ask the atheists for help. /s

  27. If you took a young Trump who had more capacity for stupidity, and added extra smug from that fucker Tucker Carlson, then bred that with some Kevin Sorbo. You would know about mistakes. But you still should not know about George.

  28. The homo erotic obsession with Trump is mind boggling. I love my wife and daughter more than anyone in the entire world. Yet, I still wouldn’t wrap my entire truck in there faces.

  29. Whatever Bro. Obviously you would love yer wife and daughter more - if they’re faces had Rambo bodies…on you’re truck, you’re truck stickers, you’re flag, you’re flag stickers, you’re hat, and you’re stuff.

  30. 300 bucks to eat somewhere where there's almost guaranteed constant wind and I can't go and pee?

  31. Who said you can’t pee? Shit, send a Cleveland fax if that’s your thing.

  32. And you seem pretty determined to push an agenda racists have been defending for years.

  33. You cannot converse well. You have this one talking point and that’s your whole contribution. It seems like you would throw trash at someone and then just be racist about it. Thanks for the 1 way convo. Modern day slaves provide for you.

  34. You are clearly uneducated and based. Keep pushing your juvenile narrative. As long as you think you’re dependence on slave made tech is moral and everyone else is the problem we will not evolve. Go throw some more trash because reasons. Blocked.

  35. Mind you I’ve never even met the brother nor her (the wife)…. People are incredible. I’d never even ask them to pick me up from the airport let alone sleep in their spare room on top of all the other requests she had. This happened today and she just texted me about 30 min ago. I’m fuming and restraining myself to not go OFF on my friend. 😡

  36. But some copper wire from Home Depot and strip it. It will still cost you less than half of the cost of those scam copper bars.

  37. Don’t actually do this. Wire is a lot more expensive then spot.

  38. That’s really cool. I’m not. Though I love drawing and many other crafts. Anyways I was wondering if you could sketch your best, in terms of details, or your biggest project. That’s helped me, to have something I’m more committed to and something that’s a bigger reward. Especially when it’s done and I give it away. This part is my favorite and honestly one of the main reasons I look forward to tomorrow.

  39. Do you think you could help me out? A drifting piece of dandelion fluff brushed against the downtube of my carbon bike. I'm wondering if the frame is toast now?

  40. It sounds sketchy. I will advise. Remove seat post. Fill downtube with fiber. I would recommend Raisin Bran.

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