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  1. I know that I sometimes age regress when stress occurs, and it triggers me in a specific way. For me, it never lasted more than a day, but for you, I don't know.

  2. It sounds a bit like a(n accidental) tulpa, check out

  3. For some it's a practice thing. We weren't able to switch from the start, we had to practice to be able to. We know a DID system who had to practice as well, but in this case to control their switches.

  4. It's been a while since we've played ponytown but we are registered and have made some ponies!

  5. YIPPE!! AWEOZME!! We're glad to knwo that!!!! : D

  6. As far as I know it's not possible to send images

  7. Use anything you want to use. We often even use I to refer to the whole system for some reason. If you feel comfortable using I, do so, if you prefer to use we, do so

  8. Can you all please stop using this stupid app...If you want to learn a language and if you need apps for that just put 20 bucks into babbel or something. Duolinguo is just bad.

  9. Not everyone has 20 bucks or the opportunity to spend the money

  10. I think duo Lingo does this on purpose, just like Starbucks fucks up your name. You take a photo and share with everyone: ‘look how they spelled my name’. ‘Look how crazy this sentence is’. And we bite. Because here we are.

  11. Sorry that I wanted to know if this is a real expression or not

  12. It can happen, yes, although it's not common I think. It reminds me a bit of alters (DID/OSDD) that do come with their own rooms, kinda

  13. Hello, we are the Nocturne system, an endogenic system of 4. Our discord is DarkPancake#4953

  14. Um does she not even know that fusing isn’t the only way to live life with that disorder? Healthy multiplicity also exists and is perfectly valid and fine.

  15. She sees the plurality itself as a disorder I think. Often referring to it as a split personality which does sound bad. Saying that she can't have someone with four personalities run around on the street... It hurt when she said that, we aren't dangerous to anyone.

  16. One of our male headmates often gets referred to as a girl (because of female body), even though the other person is aware of that he is male.

  17. I'm assuming you are referring to being inactive and no, this is normal. Sometimes we just need rest

  18. I am not really attracted to the body, so I wouldn't consider myself autosexual. My partner also doesn't identify with the body, doesn't see it as his, so in his case it wouldn't apply either.

  19. We don't have issues with that. When using the bathroom we even discuss if today's business is healthy or not haha. Like someone else said, everyone poops, everyone pees, it's normal and we share a body, so we have to take care of it.

  20. Nah, you aren't. I don't fully trust digital tarot either, since it's just a bunch of code that determines what card is "drawn" instead of yourself and your shuffling

  21. They could say what they feel when seeing this card

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