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  1. Based in the timing, is it likely will get the the 1st lucky time and select box overlap, or will they swap?

  2. Most likely after first lucky time the select box will be available

  3. So Tsum Reddit, are you going to try to max Jedi Luke or attempt to max Pilot Luke?

  4. I just tried , maybe it’s your internet blocking the website . Try another wifi / restart safari . If you need a referral code for an extra 5 days, I have one as well 0232bfa0-762b-4eee-9f18-b08eedec140e

  5. You should be able to find them in your friends suggestions on Line, they would’ve added you and you don’t add them back

  6. Interesting that the game is starting to expand into Fox properties! International probably won’t get most (if any) of them, but I hope the Japan players enjoy!

  7. It’s a very cool start! Would be nice if Int ever gets some Fox property Tsums

  8. You still have 13 mil/ Btw, how do you even get so many coins?! None of your SL5 tsums the meta coin farmers. Just curious.

  9. I’m saving a good amount to max Namine . Before I was able to get Cinderella and BB (I get 5k base each game w/ her), I used Gadget and farmed hearts

  10. Dang. I’m impressed u gave that much in coins at such a low lvl. It’s taken me years of play to amass that amt!!!

  11. Obsessive behavior & heart trading even while working helped 😂

  12. Line ID : BasedJTZ / JustSimplyJennC UTC - 8 / International 24/7 return unknowns Return hearts 1 by 1

  13. 4 million and counting with no sora … on the other hand my gf got him on her first box & another copy within the next 5 boxes

  14. Think the best plan of action this month is to prioritize Namine & just get the copies of S&R through your pulls trying to maximize Namine’s SL

  15. You should checkout the Monthly Line ID thread & add most people there, I’m sure they are active. If you’d like you can add me : BasedJTZ . I return hearts every hour on the hour & return to unknowns

  16. You can use Robotmon or xRobotmon($20 monthly) & add a bunch of friends to heart trade. Run it 24/7 and you’ll have millions in no time . You can use this code if you decide to subscribe & you get an extra 5 free days! 0232bfa0-762b-4eee-9f18-b08eedec140e

  17. In the long run it’s a little more expensive , as you need to dedicate a computer to run it however long

  18. I’m so excited! Kingdom hearts is my favorite Disney IP

  19. I spent around a 1.5mil to get Cindy & BlueBird to SL3 . They’re definitely one of the harder ones to pull, despite having the same pill rate as everyone else . Still haven’t pulled a Pastel Flounder

  20. Appreciate your analysis , was just sharing my experience with this fellow individual 👍🏽

  21. Line ID: BasedJTZ UTC-8 Manual sender , very active throughout the day

  22. His name is Kosuke! Thanks for the comment ❤️

  23. I would also like a link to a google drive if anyone has! Thanks

  24. If you don’t want it dont get it , I don’t understand why it’s getting popular to hate what’s essentially free

  25. Looking for Walt in Boxes! Dm me please

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