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  1. You cannot. The Google one 3 months is for new users only. Since you already claimed you are not eligible

  2. Nah I'm wondering how you got those such good looking jetways...

  3. Yes. It just doesn't open the workout on both devices no Matter the device I start it on

  4. So if I start a workout on either my phone or watch, I can't see it ongoing on the other device?

  5. I installed it like 5 hours ago and it was like 100 MB or so.

  6. "Hey it is your pilot speaking. We got clear skies ahead of us and typically in these situations, we either suck it up and go through it, or find a nearby storm and go through that. Going through the storm would cause the $25 clear skies deviation fee"

  7. Do you mean it won't connect at all or it only won't connect to the Wi-Fi? To make the initial connection these devices use Bluetooth to connect to your device first and then you configure it to the Wi-Fi. More than likely you already know this just trying to be clear with your issue.

  8. Just trying to be sure you knew. So before you call in a support request try what they're going to make you do anyway. I'm sure you've unplugged it for at least 10 minutes and it hasn't fixed the problem. Next step. While holding down the power button press the middle button four times and then let go. That is the reset sequence. It does solve a lot of problems give that a shot if nothing else you've already done what I would have suggested

  9. I've already reset it as I stated in the description. I seriously don't know what is wrong. I also have another LED strip light from another brand and that connected to the WiFi just fine!

  10. Guessing you are worried about a bricked watch post-update. First, that was like 4 months ago (I know I over-exaggerated that) and when it happened Samsung fixed it fast.

  11. If you are on T-Mobile, you do not have it. It's common knowledge by now that T-Mobile has blocked the update.

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