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  1. Depends how much you want to spend. If they already have a PS5 it might be a good idea to buy a 4k TV so they can take advantage of all the features.

  2. No mental sides, thinning started around 17-18, fully realized I was going bald at 20

  3. Is your father bald as well? Also, what were your first signs?

  4. I would really like to stress, when you do your own research, look to experts in that thing and see what they say. There are a lot of people who "do research" which just means looking for people who parrot what they already think, and call that research. We can't ever know everything, so look to the experts who are experienced in the things you don't know about, and not just one, see what several say. That's how you can be informed well and hopefully avoid the wealth of misleading information out there.

  5. They were very clear about what they meant by "doing research." The media are the number one perpetrators of misinformation. Instead, go straight to the source, ex. a scientific paper. I knew some smart-ass Redditor would comment on the completely acceptable advice given here.

  6. Does hair loss run on both sides of your family?

  7. Pretty much working memory and processing speed.

  8. Socially, my views mostly align with right wingers. But on issues regarding health care and education, my beliefs are “left wing”.

  9. the american definition of far left is attending a peaceful civil rights protest lmao

  10. None of my grandfathers are bald but my dad who’s in his 50 has thinning hair because of stress.

  11. Ok I think u are fine. But I would try derma rolling if u want to grow that area back.

  12. In elementary school I actually had extra help in reading and math, but I highly suspect this was because I hardly ever paid attention. I get very absorbed in my own head. An example, in Kindergarten I remember I was physically acting out what I was doing in my imaginary world, and a girl asked me why I was crying. I told her I was acting, but she never believed me. I made a mental note to never do that again.

  13. He is a shit human being IMO. Here are a few reasons I think this

  14. What “dangerous conspiracy theories”?

  15. Hey it’s been 5 hours, could you point out some flaws like the other comment asked?

  16. Have you heard of time zones before? Apparently they don’t exist for you. Anyways this article is generically written, not beautifully. It contains “arguments” that lack substance. Firstly, this article promotes the false concept of the “Manosphere”. Which in reality is just men who choose to live a traditional masculine lifestyle. Nothing wrong with that; in fact, most cultures abide by these ideals. Most of what Andrew Tate says promotes discipline and a bit of accountability for your own life choices. Same goes for Jordan Peterson, although I’m not sure why he was thrown into this. I know mainstream redditors would much rather scroll through this site than get off there asses and make a difference in their own life’s and the world (though they think they do be reposting articles). At least Andrew and Jordan promote having a positive mindset which can intern have a positive effect on one’s life. The same way women have communities that make them feel empowered and independent, men have their own equivalent.

  17. You realize not everything Andrew Tate says is sexist and that’s not peoples motivation for watching him. You still haven’t explained to me what Jordan Petersons role is in all this.

  18. i take a shot glass with water and put 2 drops in and drink it. i do this twice a day, at morning and night.

  19. I have a 3.7 right now. I have never studied (if I do I do horrible) and I don't ever actually read the book. 99% of everything was lecture and my memory just kinda retained it. I still don't do well on tests but I do better than when I study.

  20. Yes absolutely. I first got systematically downvoted after mentioning Mexican/Colombian cartels and Brazilian favelas, which made me realize those were untrue hurtful stereotypes.

  21. It’s not necessarily because they are “untrue” , but rather we find it annoying that they are stereotypes that foreigners fixate on. It’s like if I were to only think of Anime when thinking about Japan or thinking about the Mafia when talking about Italy. They are both real things but don’t represent the culture of the country as a whole.

  22. You people actually use it? The only time i used it was to check the old nickocado video

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