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San Francisco votes to approve robots to use deadly force

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  1. Haha IET is a change of pace but hey man I work real well with my local USAREC guy and have no problem sending people to the active side when that's what they want/need.

  2. I’m not sure you wanna deal with this guy based on his post history tho. Some wild stuff there.

  3. TIL HK has a part time job refilling the coffee and tornadoes at the shoppette.

  4. It’s really an assignment. Hope you aren’t his target.

  5. If God intends to take me away in a spectacular crash in a badass looking tiltrotor then that’s how I intend to leave this plane of existence

  6. I just severely hope he takes me IN the crash, and not days/weeks later.

  7. Honest question: what does Covid have to do with my kids' loans?

  8. I believe the premise is that it impacted their lives/careers in a way that negatively affected their earnings and thus harms society generally by their inability to pay back those loans (as they would have to reduce other non-essential spending which stimulates the economy). Providing that specific assistance is intended to negate a cascade of other societal harms as a result.

  9. by that time, they'll be using them to defend the 1991 border.

  10. I believe you mean defend Moscow.

  11. Including recognized and documented attempts to infiltrate the Church hierarchy, such as

  12. The overwhelming majority of joes are young and look like homeless pedophiles when they try to grow a beard for the first time. For every guy who pulls off the cool operator look, there’s 10 who would be arrested if they were within 300 ft of an elementary school.

  13. True - I couldn’t grow a decent beard to save my life until my mid 20s.

  14. I was like oh no bby, your autocorrect is institutionalized

  15. After fuckin… damn, 10 years on both sides of the fence, I know mine sure as hell is.

  16. I mean, DoD also said that Ignited would work and the AKO transition would be flawless.

  17. Are you saying you successfully used a VPN to get this to work from a CONUS location? Can you show us? Because it doesn’t work for me.

  18. I’m just a simple Bang Bang turned 11A.

  19. I’m confused, is this drag queens holding an event for children? I don’t really understand what’s going on here

  20. He is too busy calling Trump to ask for diaper recommendations.

  21. It’s really a 50:50 chance, ya win, or ya don’t!

  22. Hope it's after next Monday, I got tickets to the bears game.

  23. Legitimately, I’m not sure if this is gonna help or hurt but I’m 27 and she started her tennis career the year I was born.

  24. Eh, maybe my folks weren’t into tennis 🤷🏻‍♂️

  25. We got it recently. What I don’t understand are people who leave their house without a wallet. I’m in an ABC state and you’re trying to buy a drink, what is the plan if I ID you?

  26. A lot of times people keep their IDs in their phone cases. Almost every girl I know does that on going out nights where they don’t want a bag.

  27. Honestly? Not always at the same time depending on the case and how much flexibility you have.

  28. In the case of the US, freight rail is much more prevalent than passenger rail. According to the American Association of Railroads, a trade group, "In a typical year, railroads haul around 1.6 million carloads of grain and other farm products and 1.6 million carloads of food products."

  29. All my 88Us are looking around nervously.

  30. Fuck yeah man, good on you for getting seen and starting some treatment.

  31. I don’t think it’s that. Guess PS already enlisted so y’all don’t get anything special. It’s take what we have or not. Can’t say for sure that’s just my opinion.

  32. Plus the army works best as a bottom heavy organization. We need new E1-4s to account for ETS and promotions. We don’t always need new E5-7s. That’s why we have the 1-4s.

  33. We have lots of saints who smoke tobacco. I don't think the church has ever considered smoking a sin per se. Neither is drinking alcohol, for that matter.

  34. I mean, Pope Leo XII was fond of cocaine fortified wine, “to fortify himself when prayer was insufficient”.

  35. My man wrote 1/3rd of all the Papal Encyclicals (88 to be specific) while wired on coke in the late 1800s/early 1900s.

  36. Could never really get much to bite on this one. This case is beyond messy and having socom involvement meant them trying to keep it quiet. He sued her in civil court for defamation which is the new abuser tactic.

  37. Damn Kinny, how tf do you have time to do all the shit you do to make the Army better? Like seriously man.

  38. I mean, for DV victims you try to make time, but the truth is this is my hobby. I’m at a swim meet all weekend starting right now for my oldest. You know what’s easy to do? Reddit and coordinate things on email or social media. It can come with me wherever I go. It doesn’t take more than a device that can do social media and google drive functions really.

  39. Either way man, just know it’s appreciated.

  40. Nah, new 20 year campaign dlc dropping soon. This time, there'll be airborne operations!!!

  41. Perfect, maybe the 101st can be useful again.

  42. Honestly, probably because call of duty has been the greatest accidental recruiting drive they could have ever imagined. Even in the infantry half these dudes get off work and just go play cod

  43. I still miss the America’s Army games. Ngl, the first one on the original Xbox is probably why I joined in the first place.

  44. That game was immersive as fuck but wouldn’t fly anymore. You had to literally go through basic training to even start multiplayer. Then finish airborne school to even access airborne maps or sniper school to be allowed to take sniper roles.

  45. Bruh, the BCT range with the SAW took FOREVER. I couldn’t believe it kicked that much.

  46. Does this mean Iran is directly participating? Since they are providing arms to Russia and training their troops?

  47. Same with the NORKs, who are sending actual troops.

  48. I keep a hard copy under my desk.

  49. Now I’m just tryin to figure out if you mean, a map, a globe or are referring to the actual earth. 🤔🤔🤔

  50. Technically speaking, anyone on the bottom floor of a structure with a desk has the actual earth under their desk.

  51. Which is exactly why I asked 😉

  52. That's basically what I'm asking. What distinction of law separates shooting at police and shooting at a robot?

  53. Bare minimum you’d be looking at “reckless discharge of a firearm” type violation which would likely turn into an excuse for them to be considered a deadly threat.


  55. That still requires a human operator. It isn’t fully autonomous yet, and that’s the scary part.

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