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  1. what type of music you into? i listen to everything so i can give you a nice suggestion 🤣

  2. I’m considering one but it’s been so long since I’ve gotten a piercing (over 12 years) so I’m a little nervous!

  3. just got my daith done yesterday! afterwards my piercer said it’s usually one of the more painful ones but i handled it surprisingly well. if you have a good pain tolerance i say go for it, especially when you breathe in you barely feel any pain, just a bit of pressure and it’s gone quite quickly, very little pain afterwards too, only a bit when i clean it.

  4. sadly won’t be able to reply to all of these but i’ve been listening to quite a lot of the suggested songs! found some new favourites from this thread so thanks to everyone who contributed :)

  5. i find i’m always starting lines with “i” held for about 3 seconds or longer. either that or “thought”

  6. I’d suggest for vids where you play and sing moving the mic back and triangulating it a bit for picking your guitar and voice up together more. Your voice will still sound great in fact even better with more guitar to dance with. Nice work.

  7. Yay, good job! Your vocals have improved a lot since the last time I saw you post!! Very technically sound, and catchy :D

  8. one thing i can say is definitely experiment with tuning!! some of my best songs were when using really random ones, just looked up some online and found the FACGCE one and i suddenly wrote one of my best songs with it

  9. there’s a playing card in your green collection mate..

  10. oh my never 🤣 just couldn’t imagine that at all, they both played their roles perfectly

  11. I’ve helped a woman go clothes shopping. Another woman pick out an outfit. Helped a guy identify medication. Another man with how much money he had. (US, bills are all the same size).

  12. never realised how unfortunate it is that is bills are all the same size..

  13. I got one call and it was a man trying ti figure out the settings on his new washing machine. We had a very nice conversation until he started to ask me describe myself and to come over lol.

  14. send her this emoji all the time “🥺” along with “for me” whenever you need to convince her to do something. oh and when she says she’s gonna shower or go to sleep always say “without me? 🥺” girls dig it, can confirm.

  15. Yeah, people always fuck this up. They're just pet doctors. I'm not saying it isn't a hard job, but some of them are real jittery and sad looking.

  16. ❤️‍🔥IM IN LOVE WITH THIS!!! 🥺🥺missing mine rn your song really touched me;( BUT I LOVE IT AND ITS SO REALLLL!! ❤️‍🔥girl I love you and can’t wait to see you go big! You will. Be consistent. Always open for shoutouts on Instagram! Do you have insta??

  17. yeah of course, thank you!!! it’s keeleyxmae i’ll have a listen to your track too :) thank you so much

  18. i’m gonna need some help from my teacher 😪

  19. must’ve happened after that love island convo 🙄

  20. still can’t afford a graffic designer

  21. I have plans for branding my artist name so idk

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