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  1. kill. kill them. demolish there lively hood and brutally murder every last one of them. no remorse.

  2. Thanks! Most are straight from the package so it would be whatever the grading company determines, but some regrettably were from my younger years before I was more responsible with them. Thanks again (:

  3. you have very amazing cards! i would take priority of the holos and make sure they stay in good condition as there the most valuable

  4. glaceon-$200 charizard v-$15 charizard vmax-$25 charizard vstar-$20 mew vmax-$6 eevee-$3

  5. “what’s the worst that can happen” famous last words my friend😅

  6. for everyone saying it’s fake, it’s not. it’s the jumbo version which has no texture

  7. i have a card shop near me that buys bulk, just need to separate them according to the card class. store credit gets you more $ vs cash

  8. when you say card class do you mean uncommon, common, rare etc?

  9. old card from my collection way back, to stray away from fakes buy from big name retailers like walmart target etc, you can tell it’s fake because the back looks way to saturated and once you get into the hobby abit more you can tell a fake card by its feeling, it’ll feel heavy and extremely cheap while a real one will feel sleaker and lighter ish

  10. absolutely stunning, did you get all these from packs?

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