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[OC] Greenhouse gas emissions by end industry

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  1. There is not enough hate for Sacramento in this thread and I won't stand for it.

  2. I just visited Sacramento for the first time (my sister-in-law lives there in Land Park area). Seems pretty nice, her neighborhood is beautiful with all the huge old trees. Capitol is pretty cool, and I’m impressed so much of the old city still exists. I’m sure there’s a ton of social problems, but the scenery and architecture are cool.

  3. It's a trick, don't let the tree's fool you. It's like a DMZ only with no opposing sides. Crime doesn't really get reported much since it would be like reporting on strange people in Florida.

  4. We grew up in Phoenix, so it doesn’t really seem that hot.

  5. Around where I live they are usually stocked with a bunch of 10-15 year old German cars that will cost a fortune to keep on the road.

  6. It might be central but it's less than an hour from New Mexico. I used to live in the area there is zero standing water so there are zero mosquitoes, hardly any bugs in general compared to the east.

  7. I used to live in Phoenix, and there used to be no mosquitos when I lived there back in the 90s and early 2000s. Now when I go back to visit family I get swarmed with them.

  8. I was in my 20’s during the big jdm boom of the 2000’s and never understood the appeal of Veilside kits. I feel like their cars always got magazine covers because they were wild and extreme, but frankly pretty much all of them were ugly, stylistically similar to the “Vader” kits that were popular with some back then.

  9. They look like they come from Andy's auto sport dot com😂😂😂

  10. Hah, I forgot all about them. They always had ads in every import magazine.

  11. How does that work? Why do they need a different hand drive just to deliver mail? Can’t they just… drive in the opposite direction?

  12. You can’t drive against the flow of traffic unless you want head-on collisions. Typically for suburban and rural houses, the mailbox is at the street in front of your house. For a mail person to drive along the street and put mail in the mail boxes, they have to sit in what is typically the passenger street. In denser neighborhoods, the mail person can walk from house to house. For low-density suburbs and rural areas, that isn’t practical, so they have to drive from the passenger side. I’ve seen older Jeep Cherokee’s manufactured as LHD, but with a duplicate steering wheel and pedals at the “passenger” seat for mail delivery. There is literally a belt/pulley system connecting the duplicate steering wheel to the original one.

  13. Last year I bought this leather steering wheel wrap for my 25 yr old Ford truck since the vinyl steering wheel had gotten kind of slick over the years and didn’t feel great.

  14. I'd argue that virtually everything commonly cooked on a grill is better cooked on a hot top, frying pan, etc. Pretty much the only real advantage a grill has is grill marks.

  15. I assume you don’t grill on charcoal, because you aren’t going to get that smoky flavor from a frying pan.

  16. Even those are less true than they once were. When I got my last car and I tried haggling the guy laughed and said those days are over. Although I was buying a new car, I know getting a used car is pretty different.

  17. With the current semiconductor shortage making it hard to produce cars, there isn’t much opportunity for haggling because of the car shortage. Once that situation normalizes and dealer lots are again full of cars, haggling will be easier.

  18. In the US eggs are washed prior to packaging, which removes some sort of protective layer, which necessitates refrigeration.

  19. Umm, no. My wife is actually a professor in a Veterinary/Ag college and I learn about these things from her, but didn’t feel like going and looking up the specifics for a quick comment on Reddit.

  20. companies today can't make qualitative products like these and sell it for a fair amount, or they will go bankrupt. Sad indeed

  21. In today’s dollars this set would have cost hundreds of dollars. They were designed to be used by professionals, and thus marketed to them. There are lots of quality professional specialized tools available for different tasks, but you’re not going to see them on a regular store shelf.

  22. I have several eyebrow hairs like this. I’ll pluck them and in a few months they’re back the same way. They seem yo get lighter with exposure?

  23. My uncle had one of these back in the 80s. Not sure if he still has it anymore.

  24. They didn’t mean the whole parking lot, just the individual parking spaces. That green car in front is parked in a space large enough for 4 cars.

  25. Old Volvos are cool. I’ve got a ‘67 220 myself.

  26. Yeah, I also don't buy that residential buildings are worse for the environment than all of the petrochemical industry

  27. I’m guessing those are direct emissions by the petrochemical industry. As in energy used explicitly for extraction/refinement. Not the end use of the product. For example almost all of the emissions from transportation would be the result of burning oil and oil derivatives. A fairly large portion of the emissions for buildings would come from natural gas, either used directly in furnaces or indirectly from natural gas power plants making electricity.

  28. Another poster showed it at roughly 1% of US emission. Each military vehicle may release a lot of emissions on its own, but they get dwarfed by the 200 million road cars that drive 12-15,000 miles every year.

  29. I’m looking at pricing on new TTRS models and M4CS. Either my buddies lied or paid way too much over MSRP? I was told the TTRS was over $90k OTD new. My other friend said his used M4CS that had 3K mikes on it was $100K OTD. I thought the M4 was way overpriced and he said some bullshit about options and production numbers made it much more rare than a regular M4. It also was owned by a race car driver for whatever that’s worth? The M4CS is a very cool car. The TTRS is such a sleeper. Investment wise, M4CS will hold resale value better than most new cars.

  30. That’s funny. My buddy from work bought a used M4 Competition last year with about 3k miles on it. I don’t know what he paid for it.

  31. Is it Blue and do you live in the Bay Area?

  32. Nah. It’s black and we live in GA. I wasn’t familiar with the CS. Looked it up and it is very expensive. $105k, $30k more than an M4 Competition, but not really faster in any noticeable way. Just a lot more expensive for internet bragging rights I guess.

  33. Perhaps he’s just an old school guy that likes running 16:1 premix.

  34. Yo I love Scoville. Except their pickles weirdly suck. I just put on my own at home

  35. Is their chicken actually hot? I’ve been there once with my sons, and I got the 2nd spiciest heat level, and it was pretty mild. My sons both got medium and they were quite mild too. The sandwiches were fantastic, but I was really hoping for more heat. Since I’ve only been there once so far, I’m not sure if it was a fluke or they just aren’t very hot.

  36. They are inconsistent. I’ve been there 4 times, ordered the same level three times, the first time it was perfect, then twice it was barely any heat so the last time I went up a level and it was a good burn. The food always tastes good but I guess they preparation is not always the same.

  37. Looks tasty. But I just buy the frozen corn dogs from Trader Joe’s. Heat them up in the toaster oven and they are nice and crispy and taste like they were just cooked at the fair.

  38. Cali n titos, George's low country table, Big City Bread, Just Pho, Senor Sol

  39. I always felt Just Pho was overpriced, though I haven’t been there in years now. I like Mother Pho, but don’t get there too often.

  40. Which SR Sol? I’ve been to the one on Broad a couple times and it’s been extremely greasy and just seemed low quality. I much prefer Agua Linda.

  41. Only time mine has been towed was after an accident. 110k miles original owner.

  42. The other day, I was telling my Dad about frequency resonance and Tesla’s earthquake machine. He was doing 85 and his back tires started to resonate.

  43. I just had a Honda Accord as a rental, and on the last day I noticed that when it’s warming up, running at around 1200 rpm, there is a horrible resonance in the cabin. I can’t believe Honda released a car that does that in this day and age.


  45. “Assassination attempt against Justice Brett Kavanaugh”. GTF outta here…

  46. Not defending them, but that’s probably a reference to that guy from California who flew to DC with some guns, planning on breaking into Kavanaughs house, but his sister convinced him to turn himself in.

  47. 6820 Starfire I, 6872 Lunar Patrol Craft, 6848 Strategic Pursuer, 6928 Uranium Search Vehicle, 6823 Surface Transport, 6951 Robot Command Center, 6886 Galactic Peace Keeper & 6895 Spy-Trak I

  48. Awesome that you still have them. I had the 6951 as a kid, and I think 6886 as well.

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