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  1. You gotta just go for it. Nothing will protect you over time with good lawyers.

  2. If you can get a good employer that offers an apprenticeship.

  3. Just be sure you are into her. If not don’t move in.

  4. Boohoo. So you not building equity then?

  5. But they are unique and valuable. ROFL. Lmao 🤣

  6. They can ask you to come in. If you refuse you could be fired. Unless your employment contact states remote only.

  7. Yeah u good. But keep applying and see if you can get 120 plus

  8. I’d just hold it to be honest. Only gonna be more valuable as time goes by.

  9. Just demand 10k take it or leave it. There not making 416 numbers anymore. Sit on it if you can.

  10. Nfts are dead. Accept it. Go throw your money in the wind.

  11. Lose it all and join the club. We are regarded.

  12. Just about right. Just missing a six pack of bacon and eggers.

  13. A faster route to giving handys behind a Wendy’s dumpster.

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